One Month of Zach

One Month Old Update

When they say time goes faster with your second child they sure weren’t lying! Suddenly Zach is one month old and I can’t quite wrap my head around how that’s happened.

The fastest and the loveliest month of my life. Second children do just slot right into normal life. By the time our second day at home rolled around we were bored out of minds since everyone tried not to bother us. I physically felt completely normal within a week and it’s almost like I was never pregnant.

Little Zach is a feeding machine. Compared to Theodore who couldn’t be fussed about feeds, Zach is just constantly asking for some more. With babies not getting weighed because of COVID I’m not sure how much he is weighing. On day 9 he had gone back up to his birth weight of 7lbs 1oz and I truly already think he could be close to 9lbs – he is HEAVY!

In one month he’s gone from this little sleepy baby that wore tiny baby clothes, to a baby that is giving me a dead arm and is now outgrowing newborn size.

He is awake A LOT now. I love watching him look around the room and stare at the lights. He also loves to scan the place until he can see me (total velcro baby!). Cooing and babbling have just started to begin which is adorable and I could just coo back at him all day.

Unfortunately, he has a tongue-tie which is proving difficult when it comes to feeding. I decided to stop breastfeeding after a week because the pain was just too much for me to carry on. Though now that he is on bottles the doctors have decided he shouldn’t need to have the tongue-tie snipped. Which makes no sense to me because he is struggling with feeds as milk pours out the side of his mouth, and he takes almost an hour to finish a feed. It’s also a worry that it could affect his speech when he’s older.

Zach is proving very popular over on Instagram and you all seem to be getting more and more broody as each new photo arrises. He’s definitely a cutie that’s for sure. We for sure make beautiful babies, and I don’t even think we’re biased saying that.

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