I find setting goals much easier than actually achieving them, because mostly I’m extremely lazy, and the idea of completing any ‘goal’ seems like a bit too much hard work if I’m honest. Every end of December I set myself these goals/resolutions for the following year which are either not reachable or just a phase (like last year I was going to take up pole dancing… huh?!). Anywho, this year I’ve decided to create some goals which are achievable, (if I try) and are beneficial for my future.

Get fit – Not skinnier, fitter!

I know in my Reflection on 2016 post I said I had found the perfect balance weight, which is true when talking about the number I read when I step on the scales. But this goal is aiming at not getting out of breath when climbing our stairs and actually being able to play ‘races’ with Brad’s 4-year-old cousin. I have already joined the gym ready for the start of January with my new gym buddy, and hopefully, we’ll push each other to get fitter… (hi if you’re reading!)


Find time for art/painting

No way am I talented with a paint brush but I just love the feeling I get at creating something on a blank sheet. In a way, it brings me back down to earth after floating around with my thoughts all day, and sometimes I actually create stuff I like, and that I’m proud of. Which of course is always a lovely feeling, I painted this for Brad’s 7-month-old cousin for a Christmas gift this year!


Save more money towards our deposit

I and Brad have been strictly and seriously saving for our house deposit since September/October of this year, and in such a short amount of time we’ve managed to save a nice chunk towards it. We are both excited for saving in 2017 as we will be getting closer and closer to our final figure, then we will be ready to do some serious house hunting. (eek!)


Be in more photos

You may think this one sounds odd, but because I’m the photographer of the family I never get in any photos. I’m always the one taking them, whether it’s on my camera or smartphone. I also print batches of photos of every couple of months or so, and the only ones which contain my face are silly selfies with Brad! I always hear this little voice in my head saying “Mummy why is there no photos of you?” Which honestly makes my heart weep.


Read more

I say this every year, and I’m going to keep saying it until I actually manage to reach this goal. Last year I said I would read 52 books, (a figure I knew was waaaay to high to start with) I think I only read around 8… Which I find totally embarrassing, for 2017 I’m going to set a number of 25 books, which means I need to finish one every two weeks. This seems do-able, right? I’ve already got a new book at the ready, ‘How To be Really Productive by Grace Marshall‘ which I think I may need if I’m going to get all these resolutions done…


Keep up with Out of Focus and reach 500 Bloglovin’ followers 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been off college for three weeks but I’ve recently really enjoyed writing blog posts, I’ve actually enjoyed it more than ever before! I hope to keep this spark alive in 2017 and carry on creating content I pleased with.


We’ll look back at these goals at the end of 2017, and see if I bothered to complete any (please send all motivation my way).

Do you have any New Year resolutions? Or think there’s an important one I missed out, then leave a comment below.


Enjoy your last day in 2016 – And I’ll see you in 2017!