Theodore is now a month old… how did that even happen?! Where’s my little newborn gone?! His first month has flown by so fast I feel like I hardly had time to take him all in.

I sadly feel robbed of his first month since we spent so long in hospital but I can’t change what happened and I’ll just have to accept that. Everything still feels so new and raw, we’re still trying to work him out, but I think I’m pretty much there with knowing what’s wrong when. I’m still trying to bring myself to finish my labor and delivery story, but I seem to be reduced to tears every time I open the draft post. I seem to be slowly forgetting large chunks of that first day, I think my brain is starting to shut out the trauma.

He is certainly a mummy’s boy. Always wondering where I am, scanning the room for me or following my voice. This makes me so happy, to know he’s wondering about me like I am him. Nothing makes your heart fuller knowing your baby is longing for you over others.

He is an all round good baby. He sleeps particularly well bearing in mind he has both reflux and colic. We get between 5-7 hours of sleep out of him at night and around 3-4 in the day. He can take a while to settle sometimes, or he’ll want to be cuddled to sleep, but once he’s deep in slumber there is no awakening until he gets hungry.

The most difficult thing about Theodore is his feeding, because of the reflux we’ve tried many bottles, teats and burping techniques but nothing really seems to help. He’s recently been prescribed gaviscon, so hopefully that’ll help him a lot. We’ve just changed from Avent bottles to Dr Brown ones as well as they’re really supposed to help, and I think they are helping him keep a large proportion of his milk down as before he was throwing it back up.

This boy loves a bath. It’s his most favourite time of the day, he is so content in the warm water and loves that it’s the three of us bathing him. Bradley holds him up right in his little bath and I use a sponge to carefully clean him. He oddly also loves being dried too… We wrap him up in a towel and Bradley dries his hair and face and I work on the body and he goes mad for it!

Development wise we can already tell a massive difference from now to back when he was 1-2 weeks old. He can hold his head up for a decent amount of time and has just started doing a few social smiles these past few days. He loves it when we blow little raspberries on his cheeks and stroke his hair. He also has just started making little coo’s and happy noises this past week too, he’s really turning into a little person with such a big personality.

As much as I’m excited to see him develop and grow I really wish it would all just slow down so he can be my little baby for as long as humanly possible.