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    How Sepsis almost Killed Me

    If you read my Birth Story with Theodore then you would have noticed it abruptly ended as soon as he arrived. Although the matter of the fact we stayed in the hospital for a whole week. That first week with…

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    What To Look Out For When Buying Antique Watches

    Image Source: Unsplash Watch buying and hunting for antique pieces can become a serious hobby so if you want to get started, it’s important to know what you are dealing with. This is a potentially high-priced item with a lot…

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    Easter Baking with Vonshef

    I’ve dreamt of owning a stand mixer since I started dreaming about our new huge beautiful kitchen. Firstly I can’t believe how close our kitchen is to being complete and secondly I can’t believe that I’ve finally got my hands…

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    More Than Just a Mother

    Like many Mothers the day their babies are born are the best days of their lives. When Theodore arrived I felt a sudden feeling of responsibility, the exact moment he was plonked on my chest I knew I had to…

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    Our Goals for the Future

    Everyone has goals. All completely different but we still all want to reach them. Depending on what ‘stage‘ of life you’re at some future goals might seem lightyears away, and some might seem just around the corner. I wanted to…

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    Women’s Stocking Filler Gift Guide

    Well Christmas came around fast didn’t it?! Purchasing Christmas presents is the most stressful part of this whole time of year. That’s why this year, we’ve told family we’re not giving gifts. Honestly we can’t afford it this year at…

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    How to Help Yourself De-Stress

    We all get stressed. We can’t deny it. Little (or very big) things dig at us in our everyday lives. Finding ways to mange these stresses changes from person to person, situation to situation. My current stress you ask? Moving…