How to Style your Baby Bump

How To Style Your Bump

There are lots of struggles in pregnancy, and one which I think most women deal with is how to style your baby bump. As soon as around week 12 hit me in both my pregnancies everything began to no longer fit, especially bottoms. I even tried the good old bobble trick but that only seems to work for a week or so too.

I kept a lot of my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Theodore but suddenly came to realise I was heavily pregnant with him in November/December and with Zach I was heavily pregnant in May/June… So the clothes I had saved were not very season-appropriate.

I have a whole Pinterest board for maternity fashion ideas so if you’re still struggling on ideas of what to wear and feel cute in you should have a scroll through there!

You can see my bump week by week and the outfits I wore with Zach in my pregnancy highlight on Instagram.

Also remember, not everything has to actually be maternity clothes. Sometimes just bigger pieces will do.

Extra Long Vest Tops

In my pregnancy with Theodore I bought 4/5 of Primarks extra long simple vest tops, they were around £2 each and went to just above the knee. Pair them with some leggings and then throw any non-maternity top over. It means your bum is covered but you can still be stylish and wear the clothes you already own. I used to throw a nice woolly jumper over the tops in the winter months.


Leggings were my best friend in Theodore’s pregnancy, but in Zach’s, it was far too hot and I stuck to dresses. I’ve never been a fan of the over the bump leggings/jeans so actually just stuck to my regular low cut leggings which fitted perfectly the whole pregnancy. I do personally rate the leggings from Love Leggings as they’re thick enough not to see the colour of your knickers underneath!

Because leggings are super stretchy and there is no zipper or button to do up like on jeans you’ll feel so much more comfortable and will be able to wear them your whole pregnancy.

How To Style Your Bump

Tie Round Your Waist

Wearing your boyfriend’s huge T-shirts will look super cute but I found they made my bump disappear and actually just made me look like I’d put weight on and rather than pregnant. Grab a cute cardigan or shirt and tie it either on the top of your bump or the bottom depending on how you feel.

It really helps define your bump and shouts “hey! I’m pregnant!” which I love. Also tying something around your waist will also help with covering up your bottom, so if you’re wearing leggings that are a little questionable on the see-through front then the tied round cardi or shirt will give your bum a little coverage.

Long Cardigans

A lifesaver if you’re pregnant in the winter months. Being pregnant raises your body temperature massively and you will find that you’re still sweating when it’s snowing. Long cardigans are perfect for keeping you stylish and preparing you for either cold or hot weathers.

I don’t see the point in investing in a maternity coat. You’ll most likely be too hot

Skirts and Dresses

I love a body-hugging skirt or dress during pregnancy. When else do you feel comfortable wearing tighter pieces? (I know I never do!) I love bits like this during the later stage in pregnancy when your bump is so defined I love that it almost becomes this cute accessory you can base your outfit around.

Always remember that when your bump becomes noticeable its what peoples eyes will first divert too, before your face, shoes and boobs.

Styling your bump can be super fun and really doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. And just remember, you’re pregnant, you can wear whatever you bloody hell want and no one is allowed to judge! Comfort comes before anything else – if you want to live in joggers for 9 months then so be it, I definitely did for a long while with Zach’s pregnancy.

Have you got any other pregnancy fashion tips to share? Share them below so everyone can find some more!

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  1. August 3, 2020 / 3:03 pm

    Love this. I loved dressing my bump. I wore lots of body-con when I wouldn’t usually wear them lol. Comfort is the top of my list always though! You look incredible!

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