How We Knew We Were Ready for Baby Number 2

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A little something I wanted to say before I go into detials into how we knew we were ready for baby numbebr 2… (“There’s never a right time to have a baby,”. When you reach adulthood you’ll start to hear this phrase more and more. Truth is, it’s true. There will always be something wrong in your life which is holding you back from having a baby. Whether that’s career, money or where you’re living. You can keep waiting and waiting to see if life will become ‘right’ but you’ll always think of ways that your life could improve pre baby.

I’m not telling you to jump on it and get baby making ASAP. I’m saying not to threat about the ‘small stuff’. We decided to try for Theodore, knowing full well we would be still living in the studio flat above Bradley’s parents house. Everything else was in place with our lives)

Deciding to have a baby isn’t an easy one. Whether it’s your first child, baby number 2 or baby number 9 bringing another living being into the world is a huge decision and don’t let people tell you it isn’t. Whether you’re thinking of trying for a baby, or you’ve fallen pregnant by accident making this decision will not only change your life but the life of a whole child.

So how did we know we were ready to try for our second child? Well there are lots of factors and every couple will be completely different, but this is our personal journey into making (what I think) one of the best decisions of our lives.

How We Knew We Were Ready for Baby Number 2

Theodore (our firstborn) is very independent

Theodore is going to be exactly 2 and a half when this baby arrives in the Summer. If you know him in real life you’ll know he is the most easy-going little lad you’d ever met. He’s happy to go along with anything as long as you involve him. He’s become more and more independent even since his 2nd birthday in December. He’s started picking out clothes to wear (even if they don’t match), tidying up after himself (please say he’ll do this for another 18 years!) and grabbing his own snacks.

As well as all this his speech has been improving massively day by day. Now it’s definitely not up to par with some 2-year-olds but he’s excellent at communicating whether he speaks English or babble. So knowing exactly what he wants is an easy task. So at least there won’t be two peoples needs I’m just trying to figure out all day long if he can at least tell me!

Our home renovation is *almost* complete

If you follow us over on Instagram you would have known that we’ve pratically finished our 18 month house renovation project. Everything important is done. There are a couple of cosmentic details still to finish, but there will be no more wall bashing and dust making here! Hallelujah!

I had a boozey girls holiday

Something that me and my girfriends from school all had been dying to do together at some point. I’m the only one of us with a child but they are all certianly ready for one. Summer 2019 was just the pefect time to fit in a girls holiday with no pregnancies, no tiny children (Theodore was almost 2 when I went), no weddings and no house moves!

Our money was stable again

Since we finished the house and I spent my saving’s on a holiday money started looking up for us again. I mean by no way were we ever absolutely skint, we paid all our bills and bought food to eat but every other penny went into our home. Now we don’t have that huge expenditure we have a little extra at the end of every month to be comfortable enough and buy the more luxurious items we want.

We felt like something (or someone) was missing

Before we even spoke about having another child I think we both felt a strange ‘absence’ in our lives. Once Theodore was over 1 and he became less baby and more toddler there just seem to be this empty void or space in our lives that I couldn’t quite put my finger on until we had the baby chat.

I had become less afraid of giving birth again

I had an awful time giving birth to Theodore. With undiagnosed Chlostatis which then ended up with me having Sepsis it wasn’t all the fun and joy most people expect after birthing their newborn into the world. Honestly I think there will always be this trauma for me around labour and post-pregnancy. I’m definitely by no means ‘over it’ – mater of fact now i’m pregnant again I think about it a LOT. But with Doctors and Midwives help we are so much more prepared with my condition and I am under so much more care this time.

We’re knew we had more love to give

And lastly, we talk about how much we love Theodore all the time. How we can’t even understand the power of love we have towards him. Now, if we could give another child that blessing of so much unconditional love then why wouldn’t we. Our hearts won’t be halved they’ll be doubled.

What points made you know you were ready to have a baby? Are they similar to mine or completely different. Everyone has different ideas of how and when they’d like to bring a child into the world and I think that everyones opinions are completely vaild. Some people will not have children until they’re married, that was something that never bothered us as we knew we definitely didn’t want to wait that long.



  1. April 14, 2020 / 8:30 pm

    Love this! Such an interesting post. My little girl has just turned one & we’ve already started chatting about the possibility of trying for another. You’re totally right when you say there’s never a right time to have a baby (I walked down the aisle pregnant – eek!) I think we’re going to wait another half a year or so before trying again. Good luck with everything chick!


  2. Maiya Newey
    April 28, 2020 / 12:51 am

    Such a lovely post! It’s always nice to hear other’s experiences with having babies x

    Maiya |

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