We Bought a House!

If you didn’t already know that we’ve been in our new home almost 2 months now… then where have you been?! It’s taking a long time to find time and motivation to write this post (can you tell I’m in a blogging rut right now?). But yes we did it. Some how we scraped through finding a mortgage that works for self employed people. There was risks, there was extra payments, but at the end of the day we didn’t care, we just want our house, no matter how we got it.

Are we full blown adults now? Probs not. We’re still fluttering our way through life with no idea what we’re doing, but now it just includes mortgage payments.

This house we’ve bought, it’s a renovation project. One that has actually turned out bigger than we might have first imagined, but nevertheless, we’re bloody loving it. Making this old, cold, odd house a home we can be proud of has been giving off such a magical feeling. I can actually feel the positivity radiating out of this house and into the streets. I have people constantly stopping me to ask what’s going on with the house, and how wonderful it is to see this house which has literally sat looking dreadful for years slowly start to become something to stand proudly on this street. Also, the people on this street are bloody wonderful. I don’t know if I could dream up a lovelier community. I think we got extremely lucky in that aspect.

We started renovations straight away, the first priority was widening the drive down the side of the house since it had become overgrown with hedge. Bradley needed to fit his van down there so that I could park my car on the front. Thankfully Bradley’s Dad and Grandad were right up for the job and had actually sorted it all before we arrived there with the keys!

Everything was wild, the garden, the choices of decor and the poor layout. We had planned everything we wanted done to this place before we even had our offer accepted. So when we got the keys we jumped straight in the deep end sorting everything out that needed to be.

Expect a lot more home posts over here soon. I’ll be talking about all sides of house buying and home renovations. I’m excited mostly to show you before and afters, as our plans for this place are pretty fucking cool.

We’re taking it slow, trying to tackle one room at a time so it’s all still liveable. Our house is currently just bare bricks, wires hanging, holes in walls, wasps flying and dust collecting. But one day it’ll be perfect for us. We have been updating our home Instagram account most days, so if you want more constant updates and photographs of dirt then you’re welcome to follow us on there.

Soon I’ll be posting a Mortgage Application check list for self employed people. One thing we struggled with was finding information for self employed people when it comes to house buying. I will be letting you all in on what we did to be able to get this place with only one years of self employed business accounts, because it was bloody difficult, more difficult than it should have ever been.

We’ve already ripped many walls and ceilings down. You would think the place would be coated in dust, but it really isn’t that bad. It’s a little echoey right now, but thats all. We’ve actually plastered the living room (photo above) now, and this coming weekend we plan to paint and take a trip to IKEA (WHOOP! WHOOP!). We already have new sofa’s but they’ve been living in Bradley’s parents garage for the past month or so. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for SOFA’s, let all the lounging begin. And the idea that I can invite people round and they can actually take a seat is wonderful. I assume the living room will be finished before the end of October at least, so a full reveal and before and after shots will be here on the blog then.

For now you can catch us over on Instagram to catch snippets of what we’re up too and how the whole renovation is coming along. We’re super excited to take you along on our house fixing journey.





  1. September 23, 2018 / 6:08 am

    I am loving seeing your house become your perfect home!! Xx

  2. September 24, 2018 / 3:36 pm

    I LOVE the house, I’m such a huge fan of your instagram account, it’s wonderful to see how the house changes every day.

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