What You Need to Pack for a Girls Holiday

In just 3 short weeks I’ll be jetting off on my first (and most likely last) girls holiday. We’re traveling to Lanzarote for a week in the sun, just me and my 3 closest girls and I’m beyond excited (but also pretty nervous!). I’m so ready to sun bathe and dip in and out of the pool at my heart’s content, but what I’m most excited for is to make memories that I know I will cherish for a long time.

I also want to quickly just say that if you feel guilty for leaving your children for a bit of you time, whether that’s for a day or a week then you shouldn’t. I have cared for Theodore every single day for almost 2 years, and I’ve done it all alongside working from home (I even worked from my hospital bed when he was a day old), and I know I deserve this break, I know I deserve to just do something for me. I’ve had a few comments about how I’m “abandoning my child” and being “completely selfish”, but honestly I thought long and hard about this trip and many times decided not to go until Brad convinced me, reminding me I totally deserved it.

Packing is actually one of my favourite things to do. It really gets me into that holiday mood and I love writing all the lists! I’ve usually always lost or lent out my travel plug adaptors so I’m always having to source some more, and I love getting myself some fancy shampoo for the trip because I usually find the chlorine in the pools destroy my hair. To be honest I’m just ready for a week of pampering myself!

So here’s a whole bunch of stuff I’m packing away in my suitcase ready for a week all about me!

Now, I have never, ever had my nails done and I haven’t worn false lashes since I was about 13, and those were from Primark and if I remember correctly just fell off in a mater of hours (though I’m sure after 10 years Primark has improved). So I knew that there was no way I was paying to go to a salon and get my nails done when I wouldn’t even know what to ask for. KISS sent me some of these gorgeous im-press on nails (no faffy glue!) and I must say I’m impressed (pun intended).

They come with simple instructions, including how to prepare your nails beforehand and a handy little wipe for them. I really wasn’t expecting them to stick, and so far they’ve stayed on for 4 days! I’ve had so many compliments on them and funnily enough they’ve not bothered me and I’ve been able to do everything I’d normal do. I’m keeping the lovely nude pink ones for when I go away and I’ll be taking the spares with me just incase. These are a product that I’ll certainly keep on purchasing in the future because I’ve just fallen in love with wearing them!

When I go somewhere hot, I know I’m going to want a creamy moisturising shower gel. My skin normally gets super sensitive after being in the sun so I try to avoid anything too harsh. These body washes from Palmolive are going to be just perfect for my week in the sun. They are a both clay based meaning thick luxurious texture to most likely help my sunburnt skin.

I personally see no point in buying minis for holidays. They are just never enough to last me, and I find they are usually more expensive than the full-sized (rip off)! These bottles though are so lightweight and slim that I needn’t worry about them taking me over luggage allowance.

I wear false lashes any chance I get. Personally, they help me feel less plain-faced, which is how I feel the majority of the time. I rarely get the chance to wear them anymore since having a child has cut down my getting-ready routine to a very short 4 minutes. These lashes from KISS are going to be so perfect for dressing up to go out in the evening. I can’t wait to flutter them about the place. These triple push up ones will give so much volume and definition, and the best thing is they actually come with glue! Half the time I’ve lost my lash glue and then I realise the lashes I’ve bought don’t come with any adhesive!

I was really unsure about this Instant Eyeshadow, I wondered how on earth it just wasn’t going to look like a big blob of a mess, or how I wasn’t going to hurt my eyes in the process. But it did work! Just like all the tutorials online for these Eye Majic applicators. The harsh lines aren’t for me though so I’ve been blending the colours together once it’s all on my eyes and it really does look lovely. It also lasts all day long, something I was truly shocked at. Absolutely perfect for tucking away in my suitcase because it really is no-fuss and takes a matter of a few seconds. No building up a base, and blending out, everything you need to give your eyes that wow-factor on a little sponge.

You can get these in a whole range of colours. The one I have on below is in matte and is called Autumn Falls and is a wonderful smoky effect. Something I could never achieve with brushes and colours myself.

Something comfortable to wear on the flight is an absolute must for me. I hate flying, I hate airports, I hate planes, I hate it all. The idea of being restricted to something like jeans makes me feel uneasy. But these leggings from Love Leggings are going to be my life-saver. SO comfortable and SO thick, so no see-though leggings where you can see what patterned knickers I have on.

The blackest smoothest leggings ever. I love these and have them in high-waisted so I can tuck away my mum-tum and just pull everything upwards! I’ve been chucking these on with everything lately! Dresses and skirts look so sweet with these and I have no worry of any accidental flashing. I don’t think I could ever go back to your cheap-o supermarket leggings again. These are so worth that little bit extra and just look fabulous. Another great point? They don’t bobble!

Sorry but whats a girls holiday without a little bit of alcohol?! So how perfect is this miniature gin collection from Yumbles. I’m a proper gin girl at heart so I can’t wait to be drinking these babies up and sit slurping on them on our balcony whilst we get ready! I’m really looking forward to the elderflower and earl grey G&T because elderflower is my favourite when it comes to liquids. These 50ml minis are perfect for flying because they are suitable for most airport security (always check with your carrier before you travel though).

Other musts I’m taking are my Magni Tone make up cloths which I featured in my Eco Friendly post and my Tesalate towel I spoke about last Christmas! It’s only 17 days until we fly now and although I am super nervous I am also so excited to spend some quality time with my favourite girls. I get so anxious when I’m away from home but I know that I’m strong enough to power though it because I’ve done it many times before and have always come home alive (obviously). I know that the week will fly and that I’ll be forever having “take me back” moments. Us girls haven’t been together like this since we were in school back in 2012 so I’m looking forward to spending time with them all properly once again.

Caitylis, End of Post

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