Pregnancy Products You NEED to Have in 2020!

Pregnancy Products You NEED
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This pregnancy isn’t my first rodeo. This is my second time growing a fetus into a human baby and I feel so much more relaxed this time about every little twinge. I also feel like I know what’s right for me and this ever-changing body more so than ever now. I got to trial a lot of pregnancy products out with my pregnancy with Theodore, somethings which I think are absolute pants, and other bits that I would recommend to every single pregnant woman I meet.

I’m also pretty sure this is the last time I’ll be pregnant. We always wanted two children and the sex of this baby wouldn’t determine us to have a third or not. Two children just work out perfectly for the kind of life we have without over-stretching ourselves and our budget.

That being said it is my last pregnancy I’m trying to enjoy it for all I can and also treat myself to the items and products I didn’t spend the money on for my previous pregnancy and baby. Since we kept all of Theodore’s big things (car seats, cots, playmats, bouncers, prams) it means we don’t have to spend that money a second time meaning we can get some items which we felt we couldn’t afford last time.

We’re also in our very own home this time compared to the studio flat annexe above Brad’s parent’s house we were in when we bought Theodore home 2 years ago. Therefore we have a lot more space and storage.

More than anything I’m just excited to bring a baby back to our proper home.

So here is my list of pregnancy products I’ve been loving this time around with baby number two.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Products You NEED!

I had a regular V-shaped pregnancy pillow with Theodore but I didn’t find it useful at all. So I was very sceptical about this Dreamgenii one from Baby-Central said they’d like to send me one. But since it arrived I haven’t spent a night without it since. Even dragging it along to our centerparcs holiday.

Before receiving this I would always fall asleep on my side but wake multiple times in the night on my back in agony. The way this pillow is specially shaped doesn’t let you roll on to your back! So I’ve had peaceful nights sleep ever since. I want to sleep with it forever, even when I’m no longer pregnant.

Mama Mio Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy Products You NEEDI’ve been using a range of Mama Mio’s pregnancy products since I was around 18 weeks pregnant and I’ve been loving them. They’re so different to the usual pregnancy lotions you get that smell like that sickly shea butter which I cannot STAND. These smell so much fresher and sweeter and frankly just less old-lady-like.

The Tummy Rub Oil is my absolute favourite of there’s so far, it’s such an easy belly oil to use because it actually comes in a pump (why don’t all companies put their oils in pump bottles?!), which means more product actually getting on your skin and not dripping all over the floor.

Maternity Clothes – Pink Blush

Pink Blush Maternity - Pregnancy

I spent most my pregnancy with Theodore just in oversized normal clothes because well it was winter and it meant I could just wrap myself up in huge jumpers and oversized T-shirts. I think I had 2 maternity dresses which I used for my baby shower and my graduation!

Since this baby is a Summer baby it means I’m my biggest Spring through to Summer and I really can’t be dealing with layering myself up in oversized clothes. I managed to get a decent bundle from Facebook Market place and also this beautiful dress from Pink Blush Maternity. I planned on wearing this floral number for our Baby Shower but now because of CONVID-19, I don’t think that’ll be going ahead!

Pink Blush has everything from gorgeous dresses like mine to underwear, jeans and pyjamas. A lot of it is nursing appropriate too so if you’re breastfeeding this is certainly the place to shop for all your nursing clothing needs!

Natural Birthing Co Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy Products You NEED!

I’ve got a whole range of bits from Natural Birthing Company which they lovingly sent me. I’ve found using them has made a huge difference in my pregnancy as compared to Theodore’s I didn’t use any type of pregnancy product (how wrong was I!). I’m sure that’s the reason I was left with so many stretch marks!

Some of these products are meant for post-pregnancy and I cannot wait to tuck them up in my hospital bag and give them ago. I’ve heard wonderful things about Bottoms Up which is a spray for down below which I really could have done with after giving birth to 8lbs 2oz Theodore (ouch!).

All of their products are developed by midwives, vegan, not tested by animals, made in the UK and with only natural ingredients. Wonderful reassuring points that you’re taking the right step in using this brand.

Support Band

Belly Band - Pregnancy Products You Need

Around week 15 of this pregnancy, I began getting awful pain in my coccyx. So bad I was in floods of tears and I found myself wishing not to be pregnant anymore because the pain was too unbearable (pregnancy hormones!). This Support Belt from Baby Central really helped support and lift up my growing belly and honestly helped my back so much that after 5/6 weeks I no longer needed to wear it every single day.

Now at 27 weeks, I’ll pop it on especially if I’m having a little bit of back trouble or if I’m wearing something tight-fitting and I want to try to smooth out my lumps and bumps, it has a seamless design so you can’t see it at all under clothing.

Definitely, a must-have product for when your belly first starts to grow and your back hasn’t got used to the extra weight it’s now carrying! I’m a 12 and a size M fits me wonderfully.

Birthing Ball

Pregnancy Products You NEED

I would say birthing balls are a necessity with all pregnancies!

I had one with Theodore which I loved even though I didn’t use it really until the very end of my pregnancy and then when I was in labour at home. But with this pregnancy, I’ve had awful pain in my hips and coccyx and doing exercises on this ball has really helped strengthen those muscles and relieve a lot of pain.

I’ve used it most weeks when my hip starts playing up and will no doubt start using it a lot more the further along I become. Most hospitals also have these for you to use in labour so if you find a ball has helped during pregnancy then be sure to give one a try in labour!

Have you tried any of these products throughout your pregnancy? Or do you plan on doing so now? Please let me know if there is something important you think I’m missing as I’m willing to give anything a go to make pregnancy as smooth sailing as possible for me.

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  1. April 9, 2020 / 8:35 pm

    I had a birthing ball & I think I’m the only person not to get on with them. I also covered myself up in either oversized or my husbands clothes. I’d like to think if I ever got pregnant again I’d style my bump a bit better – The floral dress looks fab on you! Good luck with everything. not long left now!


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