Two Months of Zach

Two Months of Zach Update

Another month whizzed by so quickly I didn’t even realise it had happened.

Two months old already. In fact, he’s already 10 weeks whilst I’m writing up this post. Though I’m wishing he’d stay tinier for longer we’ve had a really difficult month with little Zach here so it has made me pine for easier days.

If you keep up to date over on Instagram you might have seen me and Zach back at the hospital in the children’s ward for tests. He is now on a special dairy free formula as we had weeks upon weeks of constant screaming whilst feeding, and we tried every possible answer we could until the doctors decided to send the little guy up to the hospital. So they’ve diagnosed him with CMPA (Cows Milk Protein Allergy).

He’s been on the new formula just over a week now and we saw an instant change in the way he fed. We also got his tongue tie confirmed but they would just like to leave it be for now. So we decided to change bottles, and after messages upon messages from you lovely lot over on Instagram we finally made the switch from Avent to MAM and wow I wish we changed sooner!

The little dude has been packing on the pounds though. From his 6 week check to his hospital visit (15 days) he put on a pound and a half (now rocking 11lbs 12oz)!

In his one month update I mentioned he was just outgrowing newborn size clothes. Well, he did that, and then he outgrew up to 1m too! So the little chunk is now in 0-3 and I’m sure could get himself into 3-6 soon.

He is constantly smiling now and giving us little goo’s. He loves having a full tummy and enjoys a warm bath too. He’s slowly becoming this little person and I can’t wait to see him develop further.

Once I learn a little more about CMPA I will for sure be sharing our story and perhaps some advice too as I know there are thousands of parents out there that struggle with this. But for now, we’re just learning so if any CMPA parents out there have any words of wisdom please send them our way!

Two Month Update


  1. September 17, 2020 / 5:41 pm

    Aw bless him, it’s so sad for them when they’re not enjoying their food!
    Glad it’s been picked up early for him so he’s happy with his new formula! x

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