Adults Christmas Gift Guide

Buying gifts for Adults at Christmas time is one of the hardest job. Kids will be happy with anything. Most adults you know will already have everything they need. What do you get someone who already has everything? That’s the question I find I am asking myself year after year. You want to find something special, that’ll actually get used and that they won’t already own. Where on earth do you begin?! With this guide obviously (wink wink).

I’ve gathered together a range of gifts for any man or woman out there with many different price tags. All these gifts would be happily received as they’re most likely something people wouldn’t go out and buy for themselves. You want someone to be filled with joy and surprise when they open gifts, you don’t want the “oh socks…again”.

So, get your pennies at the ready and lets do some shopping!

Another wonderful product from Lumie! I featured the children’s Lumie Bed Bug in my Baby’s First Christmas Guide, but this is the Bodyclock Glow 150! Again a bedside light/alarm which has gentle sleep and wake functions, to help you fall asleep quicker and wake feeling more rested. The fading sunset and sunrise light will do this all for you, regulating your sleep cycle which has been proved to boost mood and energy. You can still set your daily alarm for work each day but unlike normal alarm clocks you don’t suddenly get awaken by some AWFUL beeping in your ear. There are 9 sounds to choose from, my favourite being thunderstorm, waves and white noise. Although, if you like the harsh (and very rude) awakening beep then the Bodyclock Glow does have that too.

An extra plus about this product is that it can help push away the winter blues as light boxes have been proven to help treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), something I do suffer from. This clock has helped me feel more energised and happier, which has increased productivity through out my day.

Thinking about buying perfume? But not sure what to go for? How about a perfume that they can make themselves? These wonderful sets from The Perfume Studio are suitable for anyone. They have sets for both men and women so everyone can get busy making a perfect scent for themselves. These remind me of my younger days getting a kids make your own perfume/bathbomb/lipstick sets (anyone remember them?!), they were tacky and plastic and just all round crap. This is on a whole other level. The blends contain the highest quality ingredients to make sure you have a long lasting scent, and obviously mixing it all yourself gives you an unique scent. I chose the exotic box set but there are plenty others, like fresh, floral, and natural. This will guarantee happiness on Christmas morning! These sets will cost you £49.00.

If you’re really unsure about gifts, how about some alcohol? Not sure if they drink? Then pick up a bottle of Botonique. It’s non-alcoholic so will certainly sit happy with anyone. These are great if you’re perhaps buying for a Secret Santa, or someone you’re unsure about gift-wise. It’s a British-made wine alternative, which is dry and non-sparkling. Also absolutely perfect for any Christmas dinners and parties you’re having this year. Everyone likes a drink around Christmas but it doesn’t necessarily need to contain alcohol. I won’t be drinking over the Christmas period as I much prefer myself sober and not hungover. They have two lovely flavours, this pink Blush one and a Crisp Dry White, you can get them as a pair of 750ml bottles for £15.00

This one is for the person who travels a lot, takes many holidays a year (so I’m assuming someone without kids…) or owns their own swimming pool. Before this towel arrived with me I thought “surely not? sand free towels…?”, how wrong was I! These Tesalate beach towels are beyond the capabilities of your average towels. It folds SO small, so super easy to fit in a bag, it even comes with its own little carry bag so you can keep it neatly folded away from the rest of your belongings. Look at that photo, how small and thin its compacted, that’s a full size beach towel. They are also super fast drying, they dry me fast, and they dry themselves fast. The designs are so beautiful, I had a hard time choosing but went for the Phoenix one because it’s so Instagram. This towel will become any holiday makers new best friend. £49.00

How about something containing alcohol? Give a touch of luxury with this Pink Vodka Gold from IL Gusto in this gorgeous diamond bottle. Anyone would say “wow” whilst receiving this. The blood orange flavoured vodka infused with edible 22 carat gold flakes will make anyone feel special, because it’s such a different thoughtful gift. The bottles elegancy is breath taking, definitely a bottle that will be saved once it’s been drank. Absolutely perfect for the person who loves to have dinner parties so they can show off this wonderful drink and get everyone around the table chatting. £40.00

Probably one of the most exciting gifts to receive. All the secrets about your past and all the secrets about yourself which you never knew. Can a gift get anymore personal?! Give someone the chance to discover who they are and where they come from with a simple cheek swab from Living DNA. I’m sending my cheek swab off this week so will be getting the results all about me soon and I’m so excited as my past just seems like one big English blur. This can pin point your ethnicity percentages and let you know how unique your ancestry is. It also provides information of your Motherline and Fatherline ancestors so you can see where they’ve moved around the globe, and soon you’ll be able to discover who you’re related to around the world by taking you back 13 degrees to connect you to people you no longer share DNA with… perhaps someone famous! It’s currently on sale for £79 instead of £99 so be quick and get an order in!

This Our Home Frame Map from Find Me A Gift is perfect for any family person. It gives you a traditional map of a chosen location so you can feel even more proud of where you come from and where you live. It’ll show you all the roads, rivers, farms and hills around the location to really help show the beauty of your special place. This is absolutely perfect for someone with a new home or for someone especially house proud who wants to be reminded of their special place. All you need to do is give a postcode and a number and they’ll do the rest in terms of sourcing the map. You can choose whatever you like to be written in the bottom text box. These are currently £45.99.

Someone love spending time on their laptop? Perhaps a new stylish case will be a winner this Christmas. These aren’t like the usual bulky ugly laptop bags. These are stylish and much slimmer, but still protecting your laptop all the same. All around you laptops and MacBooks are getting thinner and thinner every time new ones come out. We don’t need those huge bags to hold our 2inch thick laptops in anymore and those awful enormous boxy chargers have also gone, so make room for these laptop sleeves! This can fit your laptop, iPad, phone and much more. The main compartment is made from a padded foam to give full all day protection to your laptop. Then a front zipper for everything you need like note pads and pens. I’ve got The Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve in the colour Night Sky, which you can get for half price on Amazon for £13.87 currently.

What about someone whose into their music? Or into singing in the shower? A Jam Hang Up Shower Speaker which is waterproof will be more than perfect for all those shower-karaoke sessions. You can hang it or you can stick it since it’s got a sticky pad on the reverse. The bluetooth ability means you can connect it to your phone/laptop/ipad and listen to whatever you want. It has 8 hours from fully charged and its small compact design means its easy to take out and about. Perhaps to the beach or on a picnic. It’s a gift perfect for anyone, because who doesn’t love music?! It’s currently £24.90 on Amazon.

Another can’t-go-wrong. Aftershave/Perfume. It must be a rarity for anyone to buy some for themselves. I think I’ve only been gifted it for Birthday’s and Christmas! But it’s a wonderful gift which anyone is happy with, because who doesn’t love the stuff?! I got Bradley this 100ml of Rudimental from PerfumeClick for an amazing price of £9.15 instead of the usual RRP of £20.00! I still can’t quiet believe the price drops of products on this site. I will always be shopping here from now on as I’ve never seen savings like this for such big brands. Perfect when you’re buying lots of gifts around Christmas time!

So that concludes all of my Christmas gift guides of 2018. It’s been a busy month but now I’m all ready to quiet down ready for the Christmas celebrations and Theodore’s first birthday. EEK! If you wanted to get some more inspiration from my gift guides I also have these;

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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