Since you probably all know by now our little baby boy is due Christmas Day this year, and like you probably all also know babies rarely ever come on time. Early or late but never on the day! Which makes our Christmas this year a difficult one, we don’t know whether Christmas 2017 is going to be this little cubs first Christmas or not. Everyone who remotely knows me or Bradley has had their say whether they think he’ll be here before or after Christmas, but the truth is we just won’t know until he starts to make his appearance!

First Christmas or not this December is doubly special for us as you can imagine. I’ll either be sitting there heavily pregnant Christmas Day or I’ll be sitting there with my baby in my arms. Either scenario doesn’t bother me, he’ll come when he’s ready, and we’ll be ready for him.

I wanted to share with you another little Christmas gift guide today, this one is for Babies First Christmas. I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some products from various different companies to try out and let you know what you should be buying for any little babas in your life. These are all such special unique little gifts that can be used as wonderful keepsakes for any baby, instead of silly little toys and clothes that will undoubtedly get thrown away.

A Peter Rabbit Guide To Life

Firstly I want to show you this Guide To Life by A Peter Rabbit from the lovely company FindMeAGift. When I unboxed the cardboard packing I actually gasped a little at the pure beauty I was faced with. The special gift box this book comes in makes it feel so much more luxurious, it’s such a delightful presentation box to keep your book protected.

As you can see the book is beautifully customizable! Being able to add a babies name to the title and spine is really what makes this an expectational first Christmas gift. A little message can also be added to the inside cover so that one day when baby can read they’ll be able to feel the personal pleasantry that you’ve added. It gives the feeling of true meaning into a gift.

Guess How Much I Love You Booties

AREN’T THESE THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST?! These tiny little Guess How Much I Love You Slipper Booties are so endearing, especially because they’ve got tiny little bells in the rabbit’s heads, meaning when little baby shakes his feet around we hear a satisfyingly little jingle that just makes you want to squeal in delight. I would honestly buy some in my size if they did them because they’re so unbelievably soft on the inside I’m sure they’d be a right delight on the feet. These come in a little lovely gift box so you can keep them safe and sound once the baby has grown out of them, and then you can do all the “AW remember when he was this small?!” sayings!

Just like the above book these booties are from FindMeAGift.Co.Uk. This site is entirely full of unique and different gift ideas for all ages. I’ve even purchased a few Christmas gifts from there myself this year!

Ollie The Owl

This is something I can’t wait to try out for real when little cub gets here. The Grocompany sent me Ollie The Owl in preparation for our new arrival in a couple of weeks. It has four sound settings so you can choose which one suits your baby well from heartbeat, white noise, rainforest and a lullaby, and the volume for all of them is customizable which I think is a brilliant idea to cater to each baby differently. This is certainly a perfect gift for the newer babies in your life, and probably better yet for the newer parents in your life, the reviews I’ve read on this about its life-changing ways of letting parents sleep just that tiny bit more is all I need to know to get me on board! Get your own Ollie The Owl here!

A Letter For The Littlest Bear

A beautiful personalized book here from Wonderbly. These books put your baby/child right into the story by adding any detailed information as you want. In this book called A Letter for the Littlest Bear  you can add up to 7 family members, so we’ve got Baby Zea’s Aunt, Cousins, Nan’s and Grandad’s in ours!

The story behind this book is that the whole family is searching for the Littlest Bear in hopes to give him the letter. Once they’ve found the littlest bear at the end of the story you are presented with a beautiful fold out ‘letter’ which the characters have been trying to deliver. This letter is written by you and can say anything you want it to, which makes this such a wonderful keepsake, and something a child will love to read again and again in the years to come. We haven’t chosen a name for our little boy yet, so we decided that the story should say ‘Baby Zea’ as that’s what we’ve been calling him this whole pregnancy since we keep changing our minds on the ‘name front’.

Go to the Wonderbly site now to order your personalized book in time for Christmas before it’s too late!

Personalised Santa Sacks

Now, what are you going to put all these gifts in?! One of these customisable Santa Sacks that’s what! The marvelous thing about these is that you can re-use them every Christmas if you so wished, which I think adds more of a specialty to them because they start to become a Christmas tradition, seeing your personalized sack once a year full of toys and gifts! On the Santa Sacks website, they have tonnes of designs to choose from so you can select which pattern fits your giftee most.

As well as these Santa sacks they also sell personalized Christmas Eve Boxes, I had never heard of Christmas Eve boxes until I started seeing them appear around the likes of Instagram this past month – They’re ideal if you and your family enjoying having some small gift exchanges the night before the big day!

Next week I shall have another Christmas Gift Guide up, one for Expectant Mums – So look out for that (especially if you still need to buy me a Christmas present… cheeky hint…). This is the first Christmas I’ve featured gift guides on my blog and I’ve genuinely enjoyed writing and photographing for them. I also love reading everyone else’s to fuel me with gift-giving ideas, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite guides below!

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