The Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

A baby’s first Christmas is special, super special. Even if they’re tiny newborns it’s still a day to treasure for them and the parents. If you didn’t know, Theodore was due Christmas Day 2017, but was 6 days late and arrived on New Year’s Eve instead. So we had no clue if we would have a baby on Christmas Day or not. Looking back now, I’m glad we didn’t because I was so poorly over Christmas and New Year. So this year is Theodore’s first Christmas, then followed by his 1st birthday six days later so it’s all systems go over here.

Whether your looking for ideas to buy your own baby or someone else’s, this guide will give you a rough idea of what both babies want/need and what parents will appreciate. This guide is aimed anywhere from 0 till a 1-year-old, obviously, some toys on here will not be suitable for a newborn so please watch age guidelines appropriately. Perhaps if you are buying for a newborn at Christmas time purchase something they can use in the Summer next year when they’ll be around 6 months old and are able to get used out of things. But there is certainly a range of products on here suitable for newborns too.

A hand-knitted/crocheted baby blanket is something very special because you know it’s one of a kind. You know it’s something that will always be treasured and kept forever. So if you’re paying a professional to do one it will be worth every penny. These kind of things get saved for siblings, then past on and on through families. Special items like this don’t get thrown away after a while. If you’re not able to hand knit/croucher yourself or don’t know anyone who can do it for you there are tonnes of online sellers. This beautiful rainbow crocheted blanket above is lovingly been made by Jasmin’s Handarbeiten. Jasmin creates bespoke items to order. You can easily send her a message with what you’re looking for and she’ll help create something beautiful and personal for you. The absolute perfect baby’s first Christmas present.

Such a practical gift. Nappies, wipes and body wash. Any parents would be happy to receive some extra necessities for their little ones. I know we would! A brilliant brand to gift is Kit and Kin, the nappies they sell are hypoallergenic, help protect the environment and are a proud member of PETA, therefore you know you’re getting an all-round awesome product. We’ve been using the hair/body wash and bubble bath for some time and it’s been wonderful on Theodore’s super sensitive skin. Previously we’ve only been able to use one product for him that doesn’t produce a rash. Both these products have been brilliant for us, and the only bubble bath that works for Theodore, meaning our boy can finally have bubbles!

You need something super special to remember any baby’s first Christmas. How about a beautiful tree decoration from GiftPup that you can proudly hang for years to come? I’m in love with this birch personalised dec, I will be proudly hanging it on our tree once we get it up. This lovely piece only costs £11.99. I’ve had a few items from GiftPup over the years and I’ve always been beyond happy with the quality of personalised goods they create. This is a perfect little gift if you’re unsure on what the baby wants or needs. A sentimental keepsake to treasure.

Now, let’s get into toys. If you’re struggling with what toys are suitable go online at Bigjig Toys as you can search through toys in age categories, making sure you’ll get the perfect gift for any little boy or girl. This pull along Animal Shape Sorter is perfect for Theodore since he’s just beginning to grasp shape sorting, and will be walking along very soon so I’m sure he’ll be dragging this around the living room in no time! Wooden toys are a HUGE win with both babies and parents. Babies are attracted to the bright wonderful colours and parents are attracted to the brilliant quality and natural look of these products. This shape sorted is now only £11.99 in the current Black Friday Sale. If you miss the sale it is only usually £15.99 so still a huge bargain.

What better for a dinosaur lover? (more me than Theodore). A Chunky Dinosaur Puzzle. These type of puzzles encourage learning through play. He’ll be learning shape recognition whilst happily playing along with the cute colourful characters. Which when he’s old enough he can also start to learn the names of the dinosaurs (so I better get researching!). This looks and feels like a high quality product, so I’d certainly buy from Tooky Toy again, they have tonnes of beautiful wooden toys to stimulate different types of play. These are currently £8.99 if you fancy yourself a bargain.

The Santa Sacks Co. has some breathtaking personalised Christmas Eve Boxes this year. Christmas Eve boxes are all the rage at the moment since everyone seems to be doing them. We never had them as a child, we got nice new Christmasy pyjamas on the evening of the 24th but that’s all. They’ve seemed to appear from nowhere but they’re the sweetest tradition you could try. Add some Christmas PJ’s, Christmas DVD, Chocolate coins and maybe a Christmas activity book and you’ve got yourself an exciting evening for you and the baby. There are loads of designs on the website, they’re all £22.00 and fully personalise-able. I went for this design as we’re not sure if we’re going to be doing a Christmas Eve box, so I thought this one would be perfect for more as a keepsake box. We can store all his first Christmas bits and bobs in here. His pyjama’s, some photographs of the day and maybe any special keepsake gifts he receives.

Another practical gift. A teether! Depending on what little one your buying for you’ll know if they’ve got a full set or not. Theodore still only has two tiny teeth so they’ll be plenty of teething to come for us. This teether from Sous Chef is super cute and is a Kale Teething Toy. It’s so odd to look at but a perfect size for little ones. With lots of wobbly bits making sure there’s lots of areas to sink those gums into. This is another environmentally friendly product, its made from 100% natural rubber from Hevea Trees. No nasty plastics! You can get this lovely teether for £13.95, you’ll be helping both baby and parents win-win!

Looking for something practical? A Lumie Bedbug is an amazing product that uses light therapy to help settle children and babies for bed. It emits warm white light (not blue which is what keeps us awake) which you can use dimmed down for falling asleep, or brighter for bedtime stories. However you use it it’ll be helping your little one relax so bedtime is easier, it even starts to make me sleepy as I give Theodore his night time feed. It has many brilliant modes like the sunset setting which starts light and gently fades out to mimic a real sunset. It also has a silent light control so you can pop it on during the night if you need to check on your little one without waking them.  These bedbugs are currently £59.95 on the Lumie website.

Now, you’re going to need something to put all these lovely gifts in, aren’t you?! How about another personalised goodie to use for many Christmases to come? A beautifully made Santa sack from The Santa Sack Co. I got a pair of these last year for Bradley’s cousins and they’re a wonderful Christmas accessory for not just babies and kids, I’d happily have one for myself! I’ve bought hessian sacks from cheaper shops before in the past, and they’ve always had this awful musty smell that made everything inside smell, but these happily do not which is why I’m extremely pleased with them. At the moment they’re on sale for an AMAZING £6.50 instead of £19.95, I think it’s a Black Friday deal, so get your orders in quick!

I’m hoping you’ve got yourself some baby’s first Christmas inspiration from this post. We’re super pumped about Theodore’s first Christmas, like giddy with excitement! We know he won’t understand at all, but just seeing him surrounded by everyone he loves, lots of new fun toys to play with, Christmas songs and Christmas movies. I’m going to make it as special as possible, take a photograph at every single opportunity. My heart is filled with joy just thinking about it!

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