Our Goals for the Future

November 21, 2018

Everyone has goals. All completely different but we still all want to reach them. Depending on what ‘stage‘ of life you’re at some future goals might seem lightyears away, and some might seem just around the corner. I wanted to create a list of goals that both myself and Bradley share for our future as a family right now. I saw a similar list like this over on This Mummy Loves blog and it really got us thinking about the future and what we want to achieve. Although some quite obvious they’re still just as important. I’ve always found that writing my goals/hopes down helps me knuckle down about how to achieve them. Beside’s everyone need’s a life plan

I know some people like to live life in a ‘see what happens’ way, and we do in a way. We don’t need everything to be perfectly planned how we liked it. We know to just have the things that we have currently we’re beyond lucky, and we’re so grateful for it all. We count our lucky stars on the blessing of Theodore and the chance to own our own home, it’s magical. So here’s our list of to-do’s for the next decade or so!

What goals do you have for your future? Big or small? We’re so looking forward to completing this list throughout the years, obviously there is no rush to do certain things as top on our priority right now is to finish the house and then get married. We’ll see where the rest of life takes us after that I assume. Looking at a list like this really fills me with excitement.

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