Theodore’s Christening Day

On Sunday the 5th of August at 12:45 Theodore got christened and it was absolutely magical. I have not been to a christening as an adult, so I’ve never been able to experience the true feeling of it all. Honestly, I am touched at everyone that came to support us and Theodore on his special day. He is loved so much by so many and it warms my heart and gives me so much joy to see everyone care so deeply about our little boy.

Everything about the day was perfect. The weather was beautifully warm, meaning our outside photographs and our outside after the party could be enjoyed properly. Anyone that attended the church will tell you how it was a marvellous service, it was perfect from start to finish. Everyone left with joyful faces, including Theodore of course (when does he stop smiling?!). He was so well behaved the whole way through. He sat with me and his Daddy, bounced on our laps, listened to the priest well, and wasn’t even bothered about the water situation. I truly think he was just lapping up all the attention.

Now, I’ll stop babbling on and let you see the photos that our wonderful and extremely talented photographer took, Shannon. She also took Theodore’s first photos, and my maternity photos. Look on my Instagram for more!

What a wonderful Christening Day for Theodore

Mummy and Daddy love you so much Theodore.


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