Theodore at 7 Months

Yet again, another month soon shoots by. We’ve hit lots of milestones in this short space of time. Theodore has definitely flipped a switch and become a different person in the matter of weeks. I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything he wants and needs, as that seems to be changing every week now. Suddenly we’re on three meals of solids a day! And have magically cut down to around 3 bottles of milk. I’m loving the adventure of baby led weaning, so much to try and explore. I’m definitely not perfect, and I don’t create Pinterest worthy dishes-EVER. But, nevertheless he’s trying lots of different tastes, textures and smells. Life has become quiet a bit easier now he’s getting the hang of eating solids, we’ve almost left purees completely behind, although I would like to finish off what we have lurking in the cupboards. I’ll certainly still be reaching for a odd few purees in the future, for quick meals when were out and about which don’t need preparing, but he’s loving having a good old munch on full pieces of food.


Hurray! We made the swap into size 3 nappies. I still thought they were fine, but Bradley kept complaining about them not being long enough at the back so we switched up. I was in for a shock when I took the rest of the size 2’s into my baby class to see if any of the younger babies wanted them and they were already in size 4’s?! EH?! 

We’re still in 3-6 clothes, I think we might be for a while yet. I tried a 6-9 top and leggings on him and they were absolutely huge! I decided to change him into his 6-9 vests now though as the 3-6 weren’t so roomy anymore. I also was getting super bored and very impatient to see him wearing the next lot of clothes. His 6-9 wardrobe is so lovely I can’t wait until he’s completely in it. Weight wise I’m absolutely clueless to what he could be, I really need to get him weighed again soon.


Wow. We’ve hit MANY milestones this past month. He his crawling like an absolute champ. He’s even pulling himself up to stand too AND saying “mamamamama” all day long. I’ve been trying to get him to say Mama from around 4 months old, and now he is, I wish he wouldn’t (typical!). It’s all day everyday, usually when I’ve left the room, I think he knows it gets my attention now. I can usually hear him saying it over his baby monitor too. It’s very cute, yet very annoying at the same time. We’ve had to buy a play pen to keep him contained, I just can’t watch him 24/7, when I need to prepare food, clean up and all the other boring stuff that comes along with your day to day life. It keeps me less stressed because I know he’s away from any harm, and won’t be chewing any doors (yes, like a dog!) or tugging at wires!

Like I said previously, he has come on massively with his eating. He’ll give whatever you put in front of him ago. I’ve even bought him his own little lunch box with sections for his sandwiches, fruit and snacks. I’ve been loving packing his lunch but I’m sure the novelty will wear off quickly. With three meals a day we have finally dropped his 10pm dream feed. Meaning he’s going from 6pm until around 6/7am with no feeds. Thankfully that means me and Bradley get a bit more of an evening to ourselves and not have to think about needing to feed him at some point.


You can tell by these photos we have the cheekiest, happiest, smiliest little chap. From the moment he learned to smile he just hasn’t stopped. He’s always happy to see you and will give you the biggest grin if you engage with him. His favourite thing is still bouncing. Should have named him Tigger! We’ve actually added the jumperoo into his nighttime routine, and it was the best idea I’ve come up with in a long time. We do tea, bath and pyjamas, then he has a bounce around until he gets very sleepy where it looks like he’s about to drop off. Quickly whip him out, give him a feed and he’s straight asleep in your arms afterwards. Zipped up in his sleeping bag and that’s it until the morning. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly awful nights, where he decides he’s not going to sleep although he was practically asleep in his jumperoo just moments before. Nights where he wakes up every hour crying out to be comforted, but luckily those nights don’t come around too often.

He is loving his bigger toys now, things that make loud noises, have bright flashing lights and move around. I’ve managed to get some great steals from my local charity shops which he has been enjoying immensely. It was also his Christening on Sunday and he got lots of lovely gifts including some new toys which he is very happy about.

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  1. August 11, 2018 / 3:40 pm

    Emily has been in size 4 nappies for MONTHS now but I was absolutely gutted to be putting her in such big sizes. Theodore is such a little cutie and it sounds as though he is coming on in leaps and bounds! He must look so cute being so little and crawling around everywhere.

    I LOVE the idea of a play pen! I think we definitely need one of those. I usually put Emily into baby jail (the cot) with a few toys if I quickly need to do anything but she just pulls herself up on the bars and shouts ‘MA MA’ at the top of her lungs until I go back to get her!

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