Where to Begin with Weaning Your Baby

When Theodore started creeping closer and closer to the 6 month mark I started to panic. Panic about the whole weaning thing. When you’re pregnant you don’t think about weaning, because it feels light years way. You think about how it’ll be strange to be feeding them food in a cafe rather than just they’re milk feed. Then you start spotting the mum’s with the big lunch boxes full of fruit and veggies, with a baby in a high chair dropping every-single-thing they’ve been given onto the dirty cafe floor. Suddenly, that mum is you.

I was never sure what I wanted to do weaning wise. I didn’t know a great deal, I had heard of puree’s and I had heard of Baby Led Weaning, but what they both entailed I didn’t really know. I really recommend going to a class in your area before you start weaning your baby. At my local sure start centre they have a one-day class you can take, run by a health visitor. Who informs you about up to date methods of weaning, including safety as well. This class actually opened up my eyes to the world of Baby Led Weaning and how simple and easy it can become.

But that didn’t make it easy for me to get over the first fear of giving my baby who had never had a single solid substance in his mouth whole chunks of banana. So, I decided I would start off slow, mostly with puree’s and get him trying different flavours until I added textures into the mix. And just like I thought he would, he bloody loved it. Every time I showed him a spoon and/or a pouch he would shake in excitement. He was never a big fan of his milk so this whole new world of flavours worked really well with him.

Firstly he would only take a few spoonfuls at a time after milk, but it only took around a week for him to get used to this new way of feedings and he was taking down whole pouches in one sitting. Shopping around for all different flavours and brands was an exciting treat for me too. Working out what he hadn’t tried yet so he could have something new everyday. It was definitely an adventure for both of us.

Piccolo was always one I would pick off the shelf. The branding of this product is beautiful and definitely makes me want to buy it over other similar brands. They have a huge range of flavours from first little tastes all the way up to big mixtures and proper meals. Theodore loves the mac and cheese one.

We also loved using these microwaveable Baby Cübes, because they’re all goodness packed and ready. Made super easy for busy parents and what I loved about these is that they can easily store away in the freezer ready for whenever you need them. No taking up shelf space in the cupboards like pouches do, and you can get out a large or smaller amount depending on what your baby wants. Again, another company with the right idea about packaging, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m much more likely to buy a product for Theodore if the packaging is more appealing.

Now we’ve moved on mostly to BLW (Baby Led Weaning). Where I prepare whole foods for him and put them in front of him and let him choose how much of what he wants to eat. Apposed to being constantly fed on a spoon. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe using puree’s is a brilliant way to feed your baby, and Theodore still has the odd pureed diner. Either when I’m feeling a little lazy, or we haven’t got much left in the cupboards to feed him. He really doesn’t mind either because he still gets a little over excited when he locks eyes on a pouch.

We started of small, very small. Just like every mother, I worried about chocking. But once you’ve learned the difference between gagging and chocking you’re on to a winner. Babies rarely choke. Theodore has not choked once yet. Gagged? 100’s of times, but learning the difference is important for your peace of mind and your babies safety.

I use super simple ‘equipment’. I love these bamboo bowls which I got in an Aldi baby event. They came with a plate, bowl, cup, knife and fork. Currently we’re only using the bowls, although we rarely use them. Don’t go out buying every fancy bowl and plate set you see. Because your baby will just end up picking up the bowl of lovely food and throwing it all to the floor. Just put food straight onto their high chair tray, trust me, your life will be easier that way.

For water I use a Tommee Tippee straw cup for when we’re out and about. Theodore has really taken to a straw and takes huge gulps of water, it’s actually very amusing to hear it slurp through the straw. When we’re at home we use his little Doidy cup, which is always supervised because I rather he didn’t tip the whole cup over him.

The Milton sterilising wipes and the Johnsons baby wash cloths are my SAVOURS for on the go weaning. Filthy looking highchair? Milton wipe the shit out of it. All safe and clean for your baby to eat his or hers food off, so no need to worry about germs. When we’re at home I use a wet flannel to wipe his face and hands after eating. Baby wipes don’t actually remove hard dried food from your little ones chops without you rubbing them like sandpaper, so flannels work best. But when we’re out I love using the wash cloths from Johnsons, they’re SO wet and MASSIVE. They easily and gently wipe baby all nice and clean. Also they have a tiny hint of lemon, which is very sweet. Little baby lemon.

Now the journey Theodore and I have took is in no means the only journey, and no means the journey you and your baby should take. Do whatever feels right for yourself and your baba. I just wanted to show you another perspective, and to let you know there are no rules in which path you should take. I’ve actually felt ‘mum shame’ and embarrassment when feeding Theodore pouches in public. Even though they’re completely organic with no nasty extras… We can’t all be perfect Pinterest mums with our home made slow cooker recipes, you get me?

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