What to Pack for a Toddler at Centerparcs

What to pack a toddler for centerparcs
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A trip to CenterParcs… Easy! A toddler at CenterParcs… Not so easy! Knowing what to pack for a toddler should be simple, yet somehow it’s overwhelmingly complicated and they usually end up taking more stuff than you and your partner will take combined! I tried searching for posts like this before our trip to Sherwood at the start of March 2020 but they all seem to circle around babies and not toddlers. So what more perfect chance to get this written and out there to help others as puzzled as me.

We went to Woburn CenterParcs back in September 2018 when Theodore was 8 months old but honestly, life completely changes between baby and toddler and the things they need and don’t need change massively. I did write a post about what to pack for CenterParcs with a baby

Now, remember you can drive your vehicle right up to your lodge to unpack and re-pack. So no sweating carrying bundles of luggage from the car park up to your lodge. So you can pack in the mindset that if you have room in the car to get it there and you don’t end up using it then no worries, hasn’t caused you any extra halm. I don’t know about you but I’m much happier being an ‘in case’ person.

Since Centerparcs is a stay-cation you needn’t worry about crazy weather differences, whatever they’re wearing at home at the time should be perfectly fine for your short break away. In March Theodore wears a short sleeve vest, a long sleeve top, leggings and socks. Then if we’re outside he’ll wear his coat.

Your best solution is to pack in outfits, instead of separate items. Fold matching items together which will create an outfit with vest and socks included. I packed 5 outfits for a 4-night stay, one was an extra just in case. This way you can easily grab outfits each morning without the added stress of making sure everything matches.

I also added alongside these clothes, 1 short sleeve top and 1 long sleeve vest. For any sudden changes of weather, but I never ended up having to use these for him. Pack your pyjamas in the same way, rolled up with a vest and socks if that’s what your toddler sleeps in. I found the rooms at a good warmth at night. Temperature is controlled by a stat yourself so you can easily change it to suit how you all like to sleep.

If your toddler is still sleeping in a cot then Centerparcs provide really decent wooden cots with decent mattresses. It’s not a travel cot at all. Theodore still fits in it at 2.5yrs with tonnes of room to move about. Obviously, if your toddler is in a bed you can just go ahead and put them in a single.

There are also highchairs and baby gates provided in the storeroom, and if not you can easily ring the maintenance and they’ll just drop one off at your lodge for you. But if you provide the information on your booking that you’d like these things then they’ll be there for you! These, including the cots, are all free of charge!

You can hire bikes online with your booking and include either a pull-along yellow trailer or a bike seat that attaches to an adult bike. You can also hire helmets for your toddler but we prefered to take our own for Theodore and now we have one that will last us years and that we can use at home.

Use the list below to help remind yourself of all the bits and pieces your little one will need. I have a list for babies too on my What To Pack to CenterParcs with a Baby post. Is there anything important you’d take that I’m missing from the list?!

  • 5 outfits folded together 

  • nappies + wipes
  • lots of pants if potty trained
  • portable potty (we love this grey one!)
  • regular shoes + wellies (or sandals if it’s summer!)
  • summer + winter hat
  • 2 swim costumes – these all in one UPF 50 are adorable!
  • swim nappies and happy nappies we use the Splash About Baby ones
  • toddler duvet + sheet
  • wash products + toothbrush/paste
  • toddler towel for the pool H&M has these gorgeous poncho ones – we have the lion!
  • 4 pairs of pj’s or sleepers
  • toys and books for inside the lodge or taking out to dinner
  • coat or a raincoat
  • favourite snacks
  • video baby monitor – we’ve had the Tommee Tippee one for over 4 years now and it’s brilliant!
  • cutlery/cups/bottles

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