Playroom Renovation Complete!

Playroom Renovation - Caitylis

Just 5 months into our second home renovation and the playroom renovation is complete! Such a needed space for our two boys, the one-room we seriously lacked in our previous home and the highest ‘must’ when we were searching for our new home. The room used to be the front section of the annexe and was home to the second kitchen of the house! After some serious wall changes and knocking about we have a beautiful playroom that’s accessible from inside the main house.

The boys absolutely love it and know it’s the place they can play and do whatever they want without making a huge mess and disrupting the rest of the home. I love it mostly so I set up toys and activities for them rather than having everything they own up in their bedrooms or buried in a toy box.

I stick to a toy rotation which I tend to do every Friday. I swap out the visible toys on display in the units with some they haven’t seen in a while. This keeps them interested and never bored, and also never overwhelmed by the number of toys they have!

Brad had the brilliant idea of boxing all around the ceiling and it has made such a beautiful feature! We had to run a toilet pipe through this ceiling because of the ensuite above, so instead of just having one-half wall with boxing, we decided to run it all around creating such depth. Adding the spotlights too has made it feel so luxurious.

Playroom Renovation - Caitylis

I love old houses. More than that I love the features that come with them, which is why you’ll always find me adding coving and a ceiling rose to any space possible. I can appreciate the modern home look but it’s just not for me, I don’t fancy living in a spaceship.

I can’t believe how far this room has come. The annexe side of the property was such a shambles with no thought into the purpose of rooms and space. The playroom is an old kitchen and hallway knocked together to provide bigger space. There are tonnes of floor space for the boys in here.

Playroom Renovation - Caitylis

Here are the two rooms we’ve put together to create this space. We also knocked down the front porch and blocked up the door leading outside. Then we’ve put in a huge new window which lets in so much natural light and creates such an inviting space.

I love neutral colours so we decided to go with natural hessian (from Dulux) on the walls, which I wasn’t too sure about when we first started painting but now the room is all put together it suits it so brilliantly, especially against the wooden and white furniture.

Deciding on wall stickers was my best decision yet. I’m so pleased with the results of these! In the past, I’ve found some stickers to be shiny, cheap and tacky looking. I searched all over the internet for high-quality matte stickers and I found the best place to get some from would be a small business that cared more about the quality of their work. These boho polka dot wall stickers are from Etsy and everyone complements them. The stickers on my wall are two packets worth and I think compliments the space beautifully, giving a playroom which is inviting to children but also loved by adults.

We intend on getting ourselves a snug chair so we can cosy up in here, but for now, we have the gorgeous tasselled spotty floor cushion from H&M which the boys love sitting on and reading, or moving to wherever they fancy in the room for a softer place to sit!

Playroom Renovation - Caitylis



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