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Favourite Parenting Bloggers - Coffee and MacBook - Caitylis

As a blogger, I love to follow bloggers, especially Mum bloggers. Sometimes I even find myself reading posts that I wasn’t even searching for, down a blog post rabbit hole I’d call it. Reading other bloggers work isn’t just great for giving yourself a motivational boost but it helps support them, especially if you comment or share their post. As a blogger, I can tell you every single comment and share means everything! It can be so hard to be seen or heard in a sea of internet pages!

Though sometimes I find it hard to find interesting new blogs, especially when I fancy something new to read. That’s when I find myself scrolling through a post like this! Providing me with new mum bloggers I’ve yet to come across and who I’d genuinely follow alongside.

You’re here for one thing, and that’s the Mum bloggers! Here they are:

Pale Girl Rambling

Pale Girl Rambling

Rachael, a breastfeeding, cloth nappying mum from Pale Girl Rambling runs a parenting blog that also includes some beauty and lifestyle type posts too. She is also another Theodore Mumma (best boys name!).

She has so many wonderful tips and bundles of advice for all mums to be. I love her product reviews on a whole range of baby products too because I sure feel like I’m getting all the correct information.

Rachael puts out beautiful content both on her blog and Instagram so be sure to take a look! My favourite post: 5 Working From Home Tips

Becqui Jean

Becqui Jean

Becqui creates beautiful photographs that show true creativity which makes her blog and Instagram stand out. Her images and writing are so raw and personal, everything she types floods with emotion and I just love all of it.

She is a huge ambassador for body positivity too and she isn’t afraid of showing a bit of skin to help all us mums feel more normal with our wobbly bits and stretchy lines.

Becqui has written everything from everyday life to potty training and from miscarriages to her favourite reads. My favourite post has to be Healing After a Miscarriage

Sophie Ella and Me

Sophie Ella and Me

Emma, Mum to two girlies Sophie and Ella blogs about parenting, general life and her beautiful and clean (honestly if you think my house is clean check hers out!) home.

I love scrolling Emma’s blog and Instagram for home inspiration. She is an advocate for dalmatian print and I think that’s where my obsession with it started to grow.

She recently wrote this post about her birth trauma which hit home with me also having a traumatic birth with Theodore and having sepsis. It reminds you that not all births are textbook, and to have a traumatic experience is a lot more common than people first think.

From Rachael Claire - Parenting Blog

From Rachael Claire

Rachael, breastfeeding mum to Oliver (4m) and Teddy (3). Her blog contains a whole range of posts. From parenting, books and sustainability! She runs an Instagram Book Club with another blogger which I’ve been loving following. It includes monthly read along so you get to chat about the book with a whole bunch of people.

Rachael’s posts are raw and honest. She talks about both the highs and lows of parenting and I respect her for being real. Parenthood is not all cuddles and kisses, its frustration, tiredness and just plain ‘why?!’.

She recently gave birth to her second baby boy 4 months ago and has written a wonderful post about the essentials for the first 3 months of baby’s life. Something I’m certainly taking on board right now!

Katie Floss - Parenting Blogger

Katie Floss

Katie blog is filled with parenting, skincare, books and lifestyle posts. I recently found her through Instagram near the start of the year and we might have spoken every day since. We share mutual feelings in our love/hate relationship with Instagram and have given each other support from the beginning.

She is filled with passion and has a fire in her belly that usually always gets me inspired and motivated to crack on with some blog work.

I’ve enjoyed her 2 lockdown diaries posts as she has pointed out the facts, stresses and difficulties of parenting during a lockdown and pandemic. I never kept much of a diary during this scary time the world is facing. All I know is that like Katie I’m a little anxious for the world to return to ‘normal’ now.

Simply Together Blog

Simply Together

Simply Together is ran by the wonderful Charlotte. Girl mum to Molly and Evie. Her passion lies in nature, play and being eco friendly. Charlotte’s blog and Instagram constantly motivate me to try new and exciting activities with Theodore.

She has so many great ideas for incorporating her 3 main passions into one. Like her recent post about reusing loo roll holders and egg cartons with dried flowers and petals to create something beautiful her toddler can make!

I ‘met’ Charlotte on Instagram in 2017 when we were both pregnant and were due just days apart. Even though we live hours apart Charlotte and her little family always come up and stay with us a few times a year. We have a wonderful friendship that will never die.

byBusby - parenting blogger

By Busby

Shelley runs her blog By Busby and also handmakes the CUTEST home decor pieces from cloud weaves to pompoms. You can find her on Etsy under MadeByBusby. I actually just placed an order for a custom woven cloud for Theodore’s bedroom.

I adore Shelley’s fashion sense and totally wish I had the ability to pull her outfits off. I love her recent post about having an identity crisis in motherhood. I know I sure did, I wrote a post about being more than just a mother last year. I did slowly find myself again, but alas I am now pregnant and have re-lost that identity all over again.

Shelley talks about the heartbreak us parents have with ourselves when our baby arrives. We completely lose every once of who we once were and it’s so hard to find them again. It brings on this fear of guilt because in some strange way you feel resentment towards your wonderful new baby for doing this to you, but truth is they’ve done nothing wrong.

I would love some new, raw and honest Mum bloggers to follow so if you have any suggestions please let me know below. Parenting isn’t always the most wonderful thing and it’s really important to interact with likeminded parents who don’t act like their world is perfect.

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  1. August 9, 2020 / 7:02 am

    Loved this Caitylis! Thankyou so much for the mention. Really boosts my confidence being along these incredible mamas! You are bossing motherhood of 2 and you honestly helped me come to terms with birthing another baby ❤️ Love you xxx

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