9 Products Your Mother Needs for Mothers Day

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Mother’s, they’re the best aren’t they. And they certainly deserve the best in terms of gifts when it comes to Mother’s Day. Since becoming a mother I’ve noticed that we all get swept under the carpet a bit. The ‘amazing’ things dad’s do are medeocor and ‘expected’ by a mother. You always hear ‘oh he’s such a hands on dad’, what about a hands on mother?! That we all are?! 

Wheather a stay at home mum, work at home mum, working mum, pregnant mum, mum of babies or mum of adults we’re all pretty damn amazing. So I’ve put together a short guide of perfect gifts that a whole range of different Mums would love. Everything for every type of mum out there.

p.s someone remind Bradley it’s Mother’s Day AND my birthday this month… (I’d be eternally grateful)

Something for her makeup bag. The beautiful rose gold Jane Iredale couture pallet, so stunning you daren’t use it. The perfect addition to anyones daily routine. The packaging is so pleasing I could barely believe my eyes when I first saw it. The pallet comes in three choices colours, cool, warm and deep. You get three matte shades of highlight, contour and blush to contour the face and give a sculptured look.

I’ve been using this non stop since it arrived and have completely ditched my previous contouring products. What makes this product even better is the fact that it is certified cruelty free by the CCIC and PETA meaning you can be sure no little bunnies were harmed in the process of making it!

These hydrating Marine Moisture Masks from Procal are so moisturising, my face has never felt fresher and glowed more. It really does deliver an instant rush of renewing moisture. Absolutely perfect for any mum who deserves a little bit of pampering ‘me’ time, but in all honesty what mum doesn’t deserve that? You get three masks per pack which means three chances at a pampering session, or perhaps she can get all her girlfriends over for a girls night in, in front of the TV with a glass of bubbly.

Everyone loves a face mask, but I’m tired of buying those cheap thick awful ones that do next to nothing apart from dye your skin a funny colour. I’ve learnt to pay a little extra and get something worth while that will actually improve the condition of my skin and not make me feel like I need to wash my face 100 times afterwards.

This is another brilliant cruelty free product, more companies and big brands need to turn corners like this in getting their products cruelty free, and even vegan if possible.

Another beauty one for you here, a bunch of skincare products. I always think the perfect gift is something you might not splash out for yourself. When I am in need of some new moisturiser I’ll just pick the cheapest I can get, without really thinking about the advantages higher quality products can give me.  The Revive and Repair Hand Cream by Vitage has already helped me massively. Being a mum whose constantly changing a bum, washing my hands and cleaning the house my hands get so much abuse its nice to give them a little something back. Just applying it once was enough to see a difference!

Maybe your mum is in need of some anti-aging serum (don’t worry, it can be scary buying someone else ageing products, but if you know your mum well enough she will really appreciate this outstanding product). This Vitamin C Tightening Serum by Vitage has so many benefits, not just anti-aging ones. It has helped my skin brighten and correct uneven skin tone as well as tighten the skin, I’ve been using a pump or two every couple of days in my typical problem areas.

How about something with a bit of “wow”? PRIOR Recovery Serum which includes actual DNA enzymes, meaning it will do all sorts of wonder for the skin. All mums deserve a luxury product in their skin care and I think this should be the one. DNA enzymes have adaptive technology that helps reverse DNA damage, keeping it in the best condition possible.

Something for her home. A beautiful super Instagramable hexagon copper mirror from Gift Pup. Which you can personalise to have what you’d like written upon it. I thought ‘you’ve got this mama’ was totally relevant to myself. I actually think this quote is perfect for any mother currently caring for toddlers. Because honestly we need to hear that we’ve got it together multiple times a day (I know I do!). Glancing at myself in this mirror and reading the quote on the daily has really given me that little boost I sometimes need when I just wish it was closer to bed time.

You can never go wrong with perfume. You just can’t. Everybody loves an addition to their perfume collection. This is currently my favourite scent. It’s the La Vile Eat Belle by Lancome. I smelt a sample of this many years ago in a magazine and have longed for it since. So to be gifted it is such a dream since I could never bring myself to spend money on myself like this. If you can try get some clues of her favourite scents by looking at her current collection it will help give you a heads up to what are her go-to scents. Perhaps tell her that the perfume she’s wearing smells nice and ask what it is.

I also just love the shape of this bottle, I think it looks stunning sitting on my dressing table, the beautiful pop of pink.

These Modibodi knickers are perfect for any mum, but I think most specially, a new mum. One that’s recently pushed a human out of her vagina. One that has absolutely no clue what’s going on down there anymore. These Hi-Waist Underwear are absorbent. For any type of liquid, weather that be urine or blood.

Story time – I bled for 8 weeks straight after having Theodore. It also took me 2 weeks to have full control of my bladder. I could have done with these.

Amazingly a single pair can hold up to 10ml of liquid (around 1.5 tampons full). Obviously you can still wear protective pads or tampons along with these so mostly they’re a back up for any leaks. The first few weeks of Theodore’s life I was in constant anxious state of leaks, coming though any clothes, constantly checking in the toilet, it was awful. These would have helped so much with that fear and worry if I’d knew about them back then.

A must for our next hospital bag.

Another fabulous piece from ModiBodi, their Breastfeeding Singlet. Leak proof, reusable nursing and maternity tops. What a genius idea. Although I didn’t breastfeed for long, I still had many leaks, even before Theodore was born. This singlet will wave goodbye to all the nasty disposable breast pads that are being thrown into landfill every day. Instead just wash the singlet as often as you would wash any top. Each breast cup holds up to 10mls of liquid, but not only that their antibacterial, strain resistant, breathable and waterproof. I mean, that’s a lot of pros if you ask me.

I keep thinking about all the money I spent on breast pads I could have saved myself the hassle with one of these, and also help the environment a little more.

This would be perfect for the Mum-to-be or the breastfeeding Mum. Pre and post bump, made of super stretchy, super soft bamboo jersey outer fabric, to shape around a baby bump nicely.

How about something for Mama and Baby?! Super cute matching insulated tumblers and bottles for out on the go from Klean Kanteen. Coffee for me, lovely cool water for Theodore. I have always enjoyed pushing Theodore around in his pram on long walks, but having a hot coffee along with me always makes it more pleasurable. The insulated tumbler keeps drinks hot for 4 long hours. Which is so long bare in mind I could probably drink 5 in that time at home. It’ll keep drinks cold for 20 (yes 20!) hours long. So on those hot summer days I can always insure that my water or smoothie has not got heated by the sun.

I love the little kids insulated bottle, perfect for topping up Theodore’s 360 cup he drinks from. I have been constantly filling this up and taking it out when I know we’ll be out for the whole day. I’ll pop it under the pram or in the changing bag, this way I know I have no worry of him running out. I imagine when he’s older we can take him hot chocolate out in the winter to keep us all cosy.

Finally, flowers, something any mum, or any woman would be truly grateful for. This beautiful bunch was sent to me by Appleyard, an online flower delivery site. No need for going out, searching around for flowers knowing true well you bought them from the supermarket or petrol station. Order online and breath taking fresh flowers will be delivered right to the door of your wonderful mum. They arrive in a huge protective box insuring that they look perfect, and they’re all tided together meaning they’re looking vase-ready straight out the box.

I’ve had flowers delivered to my door before and the heartfelt surprise is honestly wonderful. When someone is turning up to your house on mothers day you might be expecting flowers or a gift, but when the delivery guy knocks at the door with these, and you known someone has really put in the thought for you, its just wonderful!

Now, I hope you’ve managed to get some incredible inspiration and ideas from this post. Because I’m sure your mum/wife merits any of these wonderful gifts. If you’re still unsure about it all, just ask her. Or ask her close friends, they’ll be sure to know what she’d love.

Just make sure she knows how wonderful she is.

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