A Letter to My Mother

August 29, 2017

To the woman who brought me into this world,

For almost 22 years you’ve had me in your life, that’s years of responsibility to care for me, to feed me and to love me. And you’ve done a wonderful job at all three. When people say that their mum is like their best friend, I really mean it. You are the one person I can talk to about anything, without worry of judgment or worry of embarrassment. You are always there with bundles of advice and wisdom which I can count on any minute of any day because you are my mother, my mum, mama and everything else in between. 

I only hope and wish to be as loving to my child as you have always been to me, and I dream that in return he loves me as much as he possibly could, just like I to you. For you are everything and more for what I wish to become, a beautiful, caring, passionate woman who I am so grateful for, and am so proud to call my mum.  

As the years go on, the rolls may begin to reverse but I promise to always be there as your daughter, and as your Grandchild’s mother, to always bring you happiness, joy and laughter, even when the days are darker than they once were before. I will always be here, no matter our age, like you have always been for me, just a dial away.

As I grow I begin to realise more and more how hard you’ve worked to give myself and my little sister a wonderful life and bright childhood, filled with only happy memories which I continue to cherish each and every day. And it’s only as I start to make the transition into a mother myself that I begin to truly feel what it’s like to put every ounce of energy, love and hard-work into someone other than myself, and you’ve taught me how to do all that. You’ve taught me everything I know, how to keep on going with a grey-cloud over my head, how to be a respectable, caring, strong woman with a drive to better myself and the life I live. 

I know that you’ll carry on to teach me, and help me to become a brilliant mother because after all, I’ve got a great role model, the best possible mother out there, you.

Happy birthday Mum, I love you.

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12 responses to “A Letter to My Mother”

  1. Jasmin N says:

    Ah happy birthday to your mum! She sounds like a lovely person 🙂 this was written straight from the heart <3

  2. Erika A. says:

    This is such a lovely letter. There are many things I should say to my mum but I never get the courage to do so, as I know myself I would just cry out loud like a fountain for no reason… I just tend to be very emotional even for the smallest things!

  3. This is very beautiful! My mum would definitely cry if I wrote something like this.

  4. This is very touching, thanks for sharing such a personal message.

  5. Happy birthday to your amazing momma! I'm sure your letter to her means more than any present ❤️

  6. Hannah. says:

    This is really beautiful, so nice to see mother/daughter have such a great relationship. I hope your mum had a wonderful birthday.


  7. Sara Lou says:

    This sis such a beautiful piece. Happy birthday for your mum, and I hope you continue to love eachother and your newborn as much as you do now xx

  8. Mummy & Liss says:

    This is beautiful. I hope you showed her this! ? Zoe x


  9. This is so beautiful, makes me wanna go to my mum and give her big hug <3 There´s nothing better than love between mother and daughter 🙂


  10. Oh Journals says:

    this is so beautiful… Once again – best wishes for your mum! <3

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