Theodore at One

The day finally arrived. Theodore’s first birthday. 365 days of Theodore, one whole year of him. It feels like he’s always been here, but it also feels like he’s only been here for a second. The lead up to his birthday was pretty emotional. I was so nervous yet so excited. But in the end the day was wonderful, he had many people come to see him and show him their love. It was the perfect little birthday celebration I wanted. Watching him enjoy himself with new toys and everyone he loves all in one room. He obviously had lots of practice ripping wrapping paper from Christmas so was an absolute pro by time his birthday swung around. I’m also a little shocked that I managed to write 12 of these updates, this will be my last one I assume. Perhaps I’ll do a catch up at around 18 months.

The amount he has changed between 11 months and 12 is scary. We have three teeth, we’re walking, we’re practically running and we’re being very feisty. His brain development has increased massively, he can point out a tonne of animals and objects, and has even started making the correct animal ‘noises’.


This guy has suddenly became a boy the past few weeks. He’s bulked out incredibly and is now 20lbs. He just feels thicker and more sturdy now. I assume his walking has helped build his muscle mass. Rocking his 9-12 month clothes still, and a long way off fitting in any 12-18. Compared to other 1 year olds (still feels weird calling him a 1 year old) he still seems so petite. He’s measuring 75cm which is bang on average. He’s never going to reach 6ft having Bradley’s genes but I’m hoping my tallness will help him at least be taller than his daddy.

He definitely feels heavier now, especially if I’ve just been holding his cousin Archie whose just 11 months. It’s probably because of all the food he inhales. Offer him anything and he’ll eat it, and eat it, and eat it, and then ask for some more!


So much has changed. Even in the past week of him being one. We’ve said goodbye to formula, he’s now completely on cows milk. It took him a couple of days of getting used to it but eventually it just clicked and *fingers crossed* it will stay that way. He also hasn’t been waking in the night after having his cows milk meaning his dinner is filling him up enough to see him through until the morning. We’ve also decided to drop a nap. This is a very new decision, and could still bite us on the ass. But the last two days it’s worked well. He’s now skipping his morning nap, and having his afternoon nap an hour earlier than usual (1pm), so although I don’t get my two 2hr naps to myself now I do still get a decent amount to myself to get work done.

He is completely walking now, everywhere! This week I’ll be going out to get him some proper shoes measured at Clarks. I rarely see him crawl at all now, and the walking has begun to get faster and faster. Another week or so and he’ll be ready to run. We desperately need to get a gate fitted in our garden now so that we can start going out there to play once the weather picks up.

Mentally he’s started picking up stuff with the click of my fingers. Plenty of toys he got for his birthday I showed him how to use them just once and now he’s doing it all himself. It used to take a few days of showing him things over and over for him to be able to get it. We got him a retro telephone (the toy story one!) for his birthday and he’s picking it up and putting to his ear to say “hello?”, its so bloody cute. He’s also picked up on little games easily too, like “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and “wind the bobbin up”, he’s getting brilliant at all the actions for these.


Theodore has just got happier and happier as the weeks go on. Now that he’s walking he is at complete bliss and can do and reach everything he wants too. He loves giggling and screaming whilst he enjoys playing. His love for people keeps on growing and growing as he’ll wave to everyone and will take a cuddle from everyone too. He’s begun getting upset when family leave now, I assume it’s because they give him lots of constant attention since we can’t always. I’ve loved seeing him interact with his new toys, as now he has lots of age appropriate things that suit his development more. He loves interactive toys the most, ones with sounds and flashy lights. He’s absolutely obsessed with farm animals too, all the noises they make and how they seem to appear everywhere.

A year has flown by in a heartbeat, I can’t quite believe it. I never imagined my life with a baby, let alone a 1 year old. It’s the most rewarding and magical thing being a mother. It’s really made me. I always felt a little lost in life but I know that this is what I was meant to do. Care for this sweet sweet soul. I love you Theodore.


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