Theodore at 10 Months

How on earth did that happen?! Two months away from a one year old, we’re not sure how this is happening but it is sure happening fast. We’ve started preparing for his birthday now, got a few banners and balloons to make the house a little special and have a few family members over, so we can have a 1st birthday to remember. I never imagined having a 1 year old. Soon enough he’ll be 2, 3, 4 then 18 *gulp*.

A lot of people moan about parents counting in months, but in the baby/toddler world every month counts, because they advance massively from month to month. Theodore is 100% completely different from the previous month, and all the months before that. He’s so close to walking now it’s SO scary.

This month has also been Theodore’s first halloween. We went to a halloween baby group and to our local pottery barn to make plates. Overall one of the best Halloween’s we’ve had. We made bumpkin cards for our neighbours and delivered them wearing his pumpkin outfit.


Theodore had his 8-12month check this month and he weighed 19lbs 2oz. So almost a whole pound gained within a month. He’s defiantly starting to fill out and get that toddler shape about him. We keep getting comments on how ‘boyish’ he is now rather than ‘babyish’ and I actually love it. I’m so excited for him to become a proper little boy toddling around, having conversations with us. We feel like he’s going to be so social and happily chat away to anyone.

He’s transitioning into 9-12 clothes now, which I’m very happy with because it means WINTER FASHION. Winter and Autumn fashion are my absolute favourite and dressing little Theodore feels no different than dressing myself. To be honest it is SO much fun dressing a toddler, they can wear daring outfits and they will always look cute.


So much development in such little time. He will now stand alone, without holding on. He’s started playing games, rolling balls back and forth, jumping up and down and pointing out animals in books. His favourite animal you ask? A pussy cat! There is plenty of them on our street and he loves to stand on the windowsill and watch them all. Some are pretty friendly but are scared off by Theodore’s unpredictable movements.

He is walking splendidly just holding on to one of my hands now. He just needs to learn to let go and be brave, then they’ll be no stopping him. Then it’ll be the need of shoes, wellies and probably a buggy since I’m guessing he’ll abandon his pram. He is already hating being put in there! Strapping him in is slowly becoming a two man and a knee to the chest job.

Other new tricks are opening doors and climbing stairs. This has become a big pain. So we’ve had to put baby gates on the living room doors to stop him escaping into the kitchen and hallway… very annoying, but that’s life with a toddler.


The happiest soul I ever did meet. Even being poorly the past few weeks hasn’t dimmed his shine. He is a true lover of life and a lover of everyone. Since he’s mastered waving hello he just wants to do it to everyone we see. Every one that passes us in the street he is waving too, and if he really likes you he gives you a double wave. If he’s got the chance he’ll come crawling up to you, with a whole tonne of noise coming out his mouth. Shouting about and telling everyone he’s there. Definitely an attention seeker on our hands.

I can’t believe it’s his first Christmas next month, and his first birthday. What an exciting month December will be for us three. I know he doesn’t quite understand it all yet, but I’m sure he’ll love being spoiled by everyone and all the new toys he’ll receive. It feels like at this rate we’re going to have our very own toy shop here at home. He’s in need for some new bits though as he’s definitely got bored of a lot of his.


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