Today I’m sharing with you all the exciting new release of myHummy’s newly designed sleep aids. I’ve been testing and trailing ‘Matt’ for a month or so now and overall as a household we love him. He’s the best white noise making machine on the market (in our opinion). If you don’t know white noise is recommended by doctors, midwives and sleep experts all across the country. Whilst in that squishy newborn stage your babies are experiencing the big scary world for the first time. They’re no longer in that warm safe place inside Mummy’s belly, it’s all cold, bright and sounds different. That’s where white noise can help you and your baby. Creating the same kind of swishy fuzzy noise which they would have been listening to since the moment they formed ear drums at around 23 weeks into pregnancy. That noise they remember and the sound of your soothing voice is all they ever knew.

Since the get-go white noise has helped us out every-single-night. That’s roughly 310 nights of continuous white noise. Don’t think that this is going to magically get your week old baby to sleep 12 hours straight, because I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that. Please remember that tiny tiny babies still do need to wake in the night for feeds, and that’s perfectly normal but will start to settle out (hang in there mums and dads!). Roughly I think Theodore started sleeping 10pm-7am at around 12 weeks old, but I know we got super lucky there. I can hand on heart say that white noise was the one doing all the work to help Theodore settle. We originally had the Snoozy but we now have the upgraded Matt, Theodore’s new BFF.

One difference which we love is the cot attachment. Whereas before Snoozy would just sit in the cot, then once Theodore got older Snoozy eventually got dragged around AND thrown out the cot on a few occasions (babies will be babies). The cot attachment also doubles up as a teething ring as it’s made out of that hard chewy texture that babies seem to gravitate too.

We’ve tried other sleep aids since we we’re given a different brand as a gift at our baby shower. So of course you need to try both to see what works best for your baby. The best thing myHummy offers which other sleep aids don’t is a Bluetooth app! Zero buttons on your myHummy (one deep inside his belly you can us to start up the myHummy if you wish, but why when you’ve got an app!), which means when your baby is able to they won’t be switching it off and changing the settings in the night (certainly happened to us!). You have full control from the next room, so no sneaking in to restart the noise,  no risky tip-toeing across the hall! myHummy bears have all got a 12 hour non-stop system, meaning they will go a full TWELVE hours of playing without skipping a single second. We found this to be perfect in the beginning when Theodore wasn’t able to self-soothe. Constant playing so that if he did wake he would be comforted straight away by the noise. Now that he’s older and able to get himself back off we use the sleep sensor setting. The noise stays on for an hour and then slowly fades out, then will listen out for grumbles from your baby and restart itself for another hour if needs be.

Appreciate my sneakiness to get these photos. Never disturb nap time. Ever.

Now that Theodore uses the myHummy to self soothe we no longer have to wait around for him to fall asleep. We used to get so stressed waiting for him to fall asleep, whilst he was whinging, standing up, crying, moaning and shouting “mama”. But the past month or so we’ve noticed a huge change in him. We literally give him a feed in his bedroom with all the lights out and the white noise playing, then lay him down in his cot, wrap him up in his sleeping bag and say night. Walk out the room and walk away. He’s got so used to this now and since he’s learnt to self soothe with the myHummy he might either just lay there or roll around. Seeing him do this on the baby monitor is actually very sweet. We don’t hear a peep out of him anymore though, he just gets into a comfy position and is fast asleep within 10 minutes.

This has literally changed our lives. He does the same for nap times in the day too. We used to spend up to an hour keep going in to him, laying him down, “shhing” him etc. Now we let him do his thing as we know myHummy has got us covered. We have so much more time to ourselves in the evening to have time together again. It has truly made our relationship stronger and therefore made us better parents. For me in the day time it means I get that extra bit longer to get housework done, blog work done or just a decent hot coffee with Jeremy Kyle.

When you become parents your children become your life. And you’re beyond thankful for that. We all know that our babies are the best damn thing in this whole inter planet. Nothing ever will fulfil your heart more than your child will. But becoming parents is stressful, and even with a ‘good baby’ is bloody hard. Giving time back to yourself and your relationship is so important for creating a solid platform to raise and care for your beautiful child. Therefore creating more time to let yourselves just be yourselves I think is one of the most important things you can do for your child.

The new myHummy families are just what every family needs. The new designs are so unbelievably cute and I believe a huge step up from previous designs. Things are a little different this time round though. There are two ‘families’ of bears for you to choose from. The Sweethearts and Smarthearts, each with two “parents” and a “child” bear. Both families offer the same features but just give you more options with choosing a design you’d prefer. The parent bears have more premium features therefore more expensive, and the children bears less so. If you want to get your hands on a Matt like mine then head over to the myHummy site to take a closer look at him and the other designs available.

We will be using our myHummy for as long as Theodore feels the need for him. Then of course he will be lovingly stored away incase any new additions join our family in the upcoming years. I couldn’t imagine bed time without white noise and without myHummy now. Our bear just makes our life easier and reduces stress massively. Even on our holiday back in September we worried about his sleeping. A new place and different cot can be something to certainly stress your baby out. But using the white noise whilst we were away made sure he still slept well and even gave us a few lie in’s on our week away!

A recommendation to every new mother and father out there, you need myHummy. Sweet dreams.

This is a collaborative post.