Sightings From September

Hello October. Another month means the newest Sightings From post. I always feel like it was just yesterday I was writing the last one. How 30 days become the past ever so quickly I’ll never get to grips with. The 1st of October feels like such a celebrated moment in the year. We’ve all survived 9 months of 2018, and with only 3 left to go we’re nearing the end. I flipped over my calendar this morning for October, and it’s very, very empty. The smile on my face was huge. I have been loving ‘home’ days with Theodore lately. We’ve been proper-chilling, playing games, reading books and playing in the garden. I’m cherishing these quiet days for all they are worth.

September was hectic, jam-packed days after days. I’ve been exhausted, it’s been long days out and then working on the house in the evenings. Everything at home has fell behind because of our busy schedule, the cleaning and unpacking (yes we still have boxes to unpack) have taken a backseat. Which has left me with a to-do list longer than my arm to get done. But at least it gives me something to fill these quiet days with.

You might have read on my Instagram that I’ve been in a really happy place lately. It’s strange to question happiness. I should just be getting on with life being gladly happy. But instead I’ve been searching for the reason behind this bundle of happiness. That needs to stop. Accepting the happiness for whatever it is and just enjoying it. Life just feels amazing right now. I hope October does the same.

“The Sightings From Linky”

Thank you to everyone who joined in with last months linky! The link ups that joined in were wonderful. Beautiful photographs by everyone involved and I again had a hard time choosing my favourites. Now it’s time for you to enter your ‘Sightings From’ posts. You can do that by following the instructions at the bottom of this post and linking up with your own blog! If you want to know more about what a Linky is click here.

Each time I post my new ‘Sightings From’ post (the 1st of every month) I will be sharing my top three favourite photographs taken by you guys from the following month! So for your chance to be featured here on the blog make sure you link up below within the 14 day window! Here’s my top three favourite photographs from last months Sightings From August


Photographed by Sian at LoveSian

This photo just screams summer and I love it. Colourful picnics in the sun with friends.


Photographed by Mary at Morrigan

These are my favourite flowers. Post these and you’ll always win.


Photographed by Sonia at Swiss Chubby Vegan

Sonia’s photos almost always make it onto my top three. Each month I wait in excitement to see what beautiful places she’s been to lately.


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  1. October 1, 2018 / 2:04 pm

    Oh Caitylis – thanks so much for choosing my photo. It makes me happy to just see it again – it was such a wonderful day and brings back such fond feelings.

    Love your photos and the filter you use. They’re always so warm and nostalgic. Plus your bubbas are just the cutest!! You have a fab eye.

    Looking forward to seeing the transition from the last drops of Summer to full-on Autumn in your sightings from October!! Not to mention cutie Halloween outfits…!

    Siân x

  2. October 2, 2018 / 3:12 pm

    Hihi!!! I am so glad to be in your top 3 agaiiiiiiiiiin thank you!

    I realized this month that it was the 12th post that I share with you and it makes me grateful to be able to have a look at my past year. <3

    The photo that you choose from me was taken during a really hot hike session in la Dôle Switzerland with a few friends and it makes me so happy because it is such a good souvenir from this past month of August. 🙂

  3. October 8, 2018 / 2:54 pm

    You’re the best! Thank you for featuring my photo one more time <3

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