A linky is a theme or perhaps a ‘prompt’ set by a blogger who writes a post fitting with that linky. Anyone can join in with the linky by writing and attaching their link to an appropriate post on the bottom of the hosts post. Theres lots of different types of linkys out there, all for different genres and writing styles. Joining in with a linky has many beneficial gains for everyone – But mostly it’s the perfect way to create new relationships with other bloggers.




A “Sightings From” post is a monthly blog post where you share ‘sightings’ from the past month. Include photographs you have taken during the month, these can be anything from quick snaps from your iPhone or carefully thought-out professional images from your DSLR. You can also add a summary if you so wish, (this isn’t mandatory, you can just share the images) to talk about how your month has been and what you’ve been up to. You could also talk about each of your images if you wanted. You could also show your ‘Sightings From’ a place/location instead of a month. Perhaps from your most recent holiday? Your babies first birthday? Or maybe your wedding day! It doesn’t have to be Sightings From the previous month!

Each  1st day of the month when I post my “Sightings From” post, the linky for that month will open for 2 weeks at the bottom of that post. I title my ‘Sightings From’ posts according to the month we’ve just had. So on November 1st I will share my ‘Sightings From October’ post, including the images from October. You can of course title yours whatever you please.

In each one of my “Sightings From” posts I will share some of my favourites of yours from the following month! Including favourite post, photographs and stories!

Here you can read all my previous ‘Sightings From‘ posts.


Link one post per month! Make sure you paste the Sightings From badge on each post which you’d like to link up. (Copy and paste the code below into the HTML part of your post)
2.  Comment below the post of mine your linking on to say hello! Getting yourself involved with other bloggers on the post will not only help them but will help yourself too!
3. Comment on at least 2 other bloggers posts from the linky-shared below my posts. Again, sharing the love for everyone! It also means your post will get comments too! Make sure you put #SightingsFromLinky in your comment so they know where you’ve come from!
4It would be lovely if you could share your post and the linky on Twitter, (this isn’t a ‘must’ for an entry) use the hashtag #SightingsFromLinky and tag me @caitylis so I can re-tweet you!