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From the moment your baby arrives you lose a little part of yourself. You lose all the time you had with yourself, pampering yourself, caring for yourself. You could spend hours trying on outfits before heading out the door, and you could spend every penny on new items of clothing for yourself. But that just isn’t the case anymore. Although having your baby was certainly worth losing all of that, you do notice a little something is missing. The old you. Found yourself wearing plain tees with leggings or jeans 7 days out of the week? Nothing in your wardrobe is speaking out to you any more? This all happened to me, but slowly you’ll start to rebuild your style again. It may not be the same style you had pre-baby, but it’s your new style, and you’ll rock it.

shopDisney kindly sent me these bits out to help me regain my style and confidence with these statement pieces from their new Danielle Nicole collection. They are defiantly a bit of WOW factor, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them, especially the Snow White Crossbody Bag. That day I wore that bag proudly and I have been since. Being a mum to a baby obviously means I have to carry around our giant ugly changing bag, but now this helps bring a bit of ‘me’ back. I can store my personal bits separately without having to dig around in that giant bag for my phone… just to find it tucked in-between a pile of nappies.

Finding style again has been a difficult journey since giving birth, it’s taken me a good 8 months to even see a glimpse of it again, and still, I’m not quite there. With a new body shape which I doubt will never be the same, most pre-baby clothes don’t fit, or just don’t sit right on me any more. Now I’ve got my mama pouch to tailer round, and a whole bunch of stretch marks. So high waisted jeans are a must (they tuck in that mama pouch), and crop tops are sadly a no right now.

I’ve made the effort lately to try to keep my attention on what is happening fashion-wise. It seems like deep colours are all the rage now autumn has welcomed us. Which is why these bags have made a big impact on my wardrobe. The tones of dark burgundy are right up my street and are working very well with all the mustard colours I seem to have a habit of purchasing.

These little numbers couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve packed all my makeup bits in the Snow White Cosmetics Bag for our holiday this week, and I’m definitely feeling more stylish because of it. Totally ready to whip that baby out in the changing rooms to retouch my makeup after swimming.

These small statements from the Disney Store have brought a little sparkle out in me. Isn’t it wonderful how Disney have always managed that? From watching their movies as a little girl to watching them now as an adult. I remember visiting Disney Land Florida back in 2004 and having the best two weeks of my life, the memories I made have stayed with me, and are ones I’ll always treasure. When Theodore is old enough we’ll show him the magic of Disney, teach him all the stories and creative tales and watch him be enchanted by the incredible motion pictures.

Maybe, hopefully, one day we’ll get the chance to take him there ourselves. That would be a dream come true.


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