Theodore at 8 Months

Surprise surprise, I’m gobsmacked at how fast another month has flown by. My little baby is getting scarily closer to the age of ONE. How does that even happen, in four short months we’ll have a one year old (better start planning a party!). That also means its less than four months until Christmas (but lets not talk about that!). Theodore is becoming more of a little boy everyday, his character is starting to show and he is EVER SO cheeky. He is crawling around the place like lightening, so fast sometimes I fail to catch up to him. He’s found love in standing up at the stair gate and banging it for hours. He’s found love with standing everywhere actually. Yesterday I caught him stood at his little bouncer chair giggling his head off, he then proceeded to cock his leg up and climb in! I couldn’t believe my eyes, he was very chuffed with himself.

With food he is trying and loving almost everything (he turned his nose up and spat out scrambled egg), his favourite is definitely a jam sandwich, and he’s a sucker for the Ella’s kitchen stick things, they’re literally like baby cat nip, if you need 5 minutes to do something a Ella’s kitchen stick will not fail you in keeping your little one quiet. I’ve been loving making his little pack up in his lunchbox for when we’re out and about, he’s a very good little eater.

We’re taking Theodore on his first holiday in 2 weeks. We cannot wait, although I am a little nervous about packing and what I need to remember for him, and how much stuff comes along with a baby is crazy. His suitcase is fuller than ours! It’s going to be so lovely to have a break away from everything including all the house renovations!


FINALLY we’ve gone into 6-9 clothes. Which I’m so happy with because I was getting so bored of his 3-6 wardrobe. Now we have a new selection of clothes to choose from daily which is obviously super fun for me. Although there is still a tonne of clothes hes yet to wear yet. As leggings are fitting him perfectly right now but joggers are definitely waaaaay too big still for his tiny frame. I’ve been meaning to get him weighed just out of curiosity but it’s finding the time to book with the health visitor. Anyway, he will be having a check at some point between 8 months and a year so we should have an appointment soon.

Still rocking the size 3 nappies though. We’ve been using pampers since always but they’re changing up their nappies and I’m very confused by it all. So if you have any idea what pampers are doing please let me know. I think they might be discounting the type that Theodore wears which is so much drama.


This boy is standing like crazy, everywhere he just wants to stand with you or against furniture, he hasn’t tried walking along any furniture yet, but will happily try to walk holding my hands, he wobbly puts one foot infront of another so he must definitely know the gist of it. We’ve got into a great morning routine now which is working brilliantly. Bradley gives him a feed around 6:30-7 before he heads off to work. Theodore then plays in his playpen in our bedroom whilst I get ready/check emails/drink my coffee for about and hour and a half before he’s ready for his first nap. Which is luckily a very long one so I get plenty of time for breakfast and tidying up. He has started to recognise his favourite television programs, and knows the theme tunes, which he’s started to clap to! When I first saw him clap I almost cried with happiness, I felt so proud.

He also now puts his arms out to be picked up, or leans towards someone he wants to go to. These are my favourite moments because you know its what he wants instead of just guessing like I have been all this time. It shows you how much of their own person they really are, and how they learn to communicate through body language so early on.

In terms of playing he’s learnt to put things ‘in’ and ‘out’. So in or out the box, he has learnt to put his bath toys up on the ledge of the bath whilst he’s in there, then in turn take them back down. I’ve been trying to teach him basic colours by slowly introducing new ones, and repeating the words to him for different coloured objects. Now I don’t know if this is the correct method but I’m just trying my best. We’ve also started going on ‘talking walks’ (thats what I call them anyway!) where he sits up in his pram and I’ll point out to stuff and name the colour/sound/name of said object, which he’s really enjoying. Red car, goes brum brum. Brown leaf, goes crunch crunch. I’ve been doing lots of research about what I can try teach him.

Oh. And still no teeth.


As I mentioned earlier he is becoming one heck of a cheeky chap. At our weekly baby group he crawls up to the other parents or their babies and tries to steal all the attention. Everyone goes on about how cheeky he is, trying to win all the women over with that charming smile. He likes to crawl after the other babies and either give them a cuddle or sit on them… He’s become quite affectionate with his cuddling lately. He was never one to sit on my lap, from the moment he could move he would not stay still. But now he will quietly sit on my lap and do something with me or watch a movie. I love that he’s become snuggly, and it’s actually so heartwarming when he comes to me for a hug instead of them being forced upon him (which happens a lot!). He has also started climbing my legs when I’m stood, and giving my legs a little cuddle.

I’ve said this since about 3 months old, but this is the best age by far. Now he can crawl and get to where he wants, and get whatever he wants he doesn’t need me so much, so I actually get some time to get stuff I need done. I’m actually writing this now whilst he’s playing on the floor, usually I would have to write whilst he had a nap or when he’s gone to bed.

I feel like I might actually have this mum shit all put together now. Some days are hard, some are absolutely amazing, but it’s all about balance I’ve learnt. I’ve learnt that each day will end, and a new one will begin. Soon enough he’ll be a proper big boy and I’ll miss these days.


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