10 Things You Need in Your Morning Routine

10 Things to Do Every Morning Before 8am

Having a morning routine is so essential for me, I used to really struggle to pull myself out of bed, and don’t get me wrong some days it is still a chore. But it’s definitely gotten easier over time, especially after creating a healthier morning routine for myself.

In the past, I would drag myself out of bed and just plonk myself on the sofa for another hour meaninglessly scrolling Instagram. Now I try my hardest to stay off my phone for at least 30 minutes if not an hour after waking up.

People do a whole range of different things in their morning routines to help them face the day. We all know that having a routine in our lives keeps us stable and aware of what is happening next. Here are 10 things you need to do before 8 am every morning…

Drink water as soon as you wake

I used to think they’d be nothing worse than gulping water down first thing in the AM. But it gives me a huge boost that I never knew I needed. I (too many peoples dismay) much prefer room temperature so will usually pour my glass before I go to bed so I can drink it before I get it out of bed.

Wash your face

I love soaking my face into a warm flannel as soon as I step foot in the bathroom in the mornings. It’s strangely so inviting and something I look forward to doing. I can’t believe for a long while I would completely skip this step. Make the experience even better with the installation of custom splashbacks behind your sinks and mirrors. You will feel inspired and invigorated as you look at the lovely splashback and start your day.

Stay off your phone

I used to be so bad at this. I’d be straight on my phone the minute I had a chance. It felt like I had to check my notifications and messages in a rush. When in reality you and I both don’t need that extra stress of reading and seeing everything that’s already gone on before you’ve even had chance to properly wake. I find if I go straight on to my phone I end up opening messages/notifications, then forgetting to reply completely because I put it in the “I’ll do that later” folder in my head.

Give yourself time to breathe and wake properly before dousing yourself in the digital world.

Get dressed

Now, before I go downstairs I now get dressed. Out of my sweaty pyjamas and into what I plan on wearing for the day. This way I seem to save time, and it gives me this productive boost to get on with the day instead of sitting around in my pyjama’s for the next hour or so.

Eat breakfast

The most important meal of the day right!? To tell the truth, I definitely slack in this one, a cereal bar really shouldn’t count as breakfast but lately, that’s all that I’ve been managing to stomach lately. But I know for some this is such an important step.

Make the main goal for the day

Just get it over and done with. That one thing you have told yourself you’ll do, get it over and done with instead of spending the whole day procrastinating around it. Once I’ve gotten that out the way I find the rest of my day goes a lot smoother, and I usually feel motivated to get some other important tasks done that have been niggling at me.


Now, I’m definitely not one for early morning exercise. Some nights I tell myself I’ll go for a run at 6 am, but that’s yet to actually happen yet. I will just stretch my body, touch my toes, reach up tall and wide and it seems to get all my bones and muscle ready for action, it really helps me in my morning routine.

Make your bed

Making your bed is such an easy task. It’s so simple and gives you great satisfaction after it’s done. I’ve found it gives you that little kick up the butt to start getting other bits done too. I also find, whenever I go back into the bedroom throughout the day and see my bed unmade it’s just enough “ugh I should probably do that” feeling. Plus, nothing is better than climbing into a made bed in the evening!

Put on some music

Every morning once I get downstairs the first thing I do is turn on the Radio. I much prefer listening to a station to any playlists I’ve made. Hearing a mixture of genres, a bit of news and some chat helps me come around from my slumber and feel with it once again!

Get your day started!

If I spend too long in the morning not really ‘getting started’ my mood begins to drop massively. Sometimes I find it best just to give myself a kick up the arse to get the day started and get on with things that need doing. Otherwise, I create this morning slump that I get stuck in until after dinner time!

Do you do any of these in your morning routine?? Routines are so important, we spend our whole lives living around routines, so it makes sense that we strive on them and need them in our day to day lives.

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