We all get stressed. We can’t deny it. Little (or very big) things dig at us in our everyday lives. Finding ways to mange these stresses changes from person to person, situation to situation. My current stress you ask? Moving house.

When you move house everything gets a little lot hectic. All your treasured belongs are bundled up in boxes, and they’ll be in them longer than you think because trust me, you won’t unpack everything in the first few days. We’re three months into our new house and *still* have boxes to unpack. Most day’s I wonder to myself “where the HECK is X, Y and Z?”. I’d bet you all any money they would still be surrounded by bubble wrap.

Not only will things disappear for periods of time, but your wellbeing might too. Things get a hot under the collar and there are plenty of heated arguments about which drawer should be the cutlery drawer. One thing we’ve learnt in this house buying/moving/fixing process is to take time too relaaaax. Trust us, you’ll feel a hell of a lot better for it. 

I decided I would write my own little de-stress list for you all to relish in. Whether you’re moving house or not, these tips will encourage you all to take a little more *me* time.

Write a To-do List in the Evening

If you’re wanting to make sure tomorrow goes smoothly you need to write yourself a to-do list. Everything that needs to get done needs to be written down for you to tackle. Big or small anything can go on this list, and it will truly help you relax before bed, knowing that tomorrow is all prepared for. I like to number my points, it doesn’t have to be in order, but I find just numbering them in order of importance will help you break down the day without your head spinning 360 trying to do a thousand things at once. Breaking it all down really helps structure your day and make you feel better all round.

Breathe Deeply

Something so simple. We all do it, every second of every day. But do we ever actually put any effort into it? I certainly don’t, and I really should. Just take 5 minutes either in the morning or evening to sit and breathe. In and out, deeply, and let your whole body go with it. I prefer doing this whilst I’m waiting to fall asleep. Therefore I’m not distracted by anything and I can really expand my lungs. I have also found this has helped me drift off to sleep massively.

Use your Favourite Skincare

I find this really helps me finish or start the day. A good old deep wash off the face (please wash your face every day though). If I’m feeling a little stressed I just use my favourite toner, cleanser and moisturiser (usually I only use cleanser daily). After I’ve done the whole shabang I almost feel like a new refreshed version of me. Everything in my head feels clear and I’m just ready for anything.

Light your Favourite Candles

All day every day. I have candles burning all over the place. Finding a scent that really helps to relax you is important. Try not to go for anything too sweet as this tends to ‘up’ your heart rate (causing stress) rather than subtle soothing scents like lavender, camomile and sandalwood (the makings of my favourites). Walking into a room and being uplifted by a scent that feels like it relaxes every bone in your body is worth every penny. My go-to candle/diffuser brand is Wax Lyrical, simply because they never fail to deliver. Even with their cheaper ranges they fill rooms up with delight. I am in love with their Lakes Collection, anything that smells natural is my calling. I’ve tried their Lakes, Woodland and Hillside scents and they’re all beautiful. Hillside is certainly a favourite though (pictured below).

Take a Walk

One of my favourite things to do when my mind is spinning. I’ll get Theodore all tucked up in his pram and take a stroll around. This is especially nice during the autumn season. With crips coloured leaves on the ground and all warm with scarves, coats and boots. I certainly don’t enjoy walking during the Summer months. Being too hot will increase your stress levels even more so.

Keep Yourself away from Drama

Whether it be your friends or family, keep drama for the TV set only. Try not to involve yourself with happenings that don’t include you. Since having Theodore I’ve been practicing this well. I simply do not have the time or energy to be getting myself all hyped up or angry at what is going on in other peoples lives. Some many see this as selfish or self centred but I have found it to be a very important key when trying to keep life happy and stress free.

De-Clutter your Space

I know that when the house feels busy, messy and just out of sorts that this takes a big effect on me. Right now I know that upstairs the bed isn’t made, and there is washing to be put away. Even though I push this to the back of my mind for something to do ‘later’, every so often it just crops up and digs at me. I find keeping the place sorted, and completing tasks as you go helps so much better in the long run. I keeps your mind clear and means you might actually be able to sit and do nothing for ten minutes.

What do you do to destress? I know that lately the world seems to becoming that little bit more stressful every day as we creep up to Christmas. But we all need time to just refresh and keep our brains happy. Let me know some of your favourite ways so that I can try them out myself!