Theodore at 6 Months

Half a year. Well that happened quickly. Where is our new tiny newborn gone?! Suddenly we’re half way too his first birthday and I’m not feeling too okay about that. We are now closer to a year old than a newborn… gulp. I’ve actually been thinking about his birthday and first Christmas lately, because that’s how fast it’s going to come around, and (as I have found out now I’m a mum) you must plan ahead if you want all to go smoothly… and I’d love for life to run just a tad more smoothly sometimes.

Theodore has progressed SO much between 5 months old and I just can’t cope with the little dude he’s quickly becoming. He’s sitting, he’s scooting backwards, he’s sitting up unaided, he’s eating food?! Suddenly your baby disappears and becomes this mini child thing (that is their official title). Previously I was so worried about him growing up, but this month has shown me its just more excitement and adventures to come. And please, if you have a new baby, life is bloody tough isn’t it? It gets better, I promise. Somehow I’m 6 months down the line, when in the early days even the hours dragged and I just wanted (needed) life to feel a little more normal again… trust me, it will feel normal again.


We’re still rocking 3-6 clothes over here, I’m certain he’ll still be in them for a little while yet. I think he’ll probably always be on the smaller size, because of his reflux he’s sick a lot, meaning the amount of milk (and food) he takes on is obviously less than a child without reflux. I weighed him myself yesterday and he’s roughly 16.5lbs, supposedly he should be a lot closer to 20lbs by now but he’s putting on weight so that’s all that matters.

WHO told me that babies aren’t in size 2 nappies for long?! Theodore has been in size 2 nappies since 8 weeks old… and now he’s almost 28 weeks old.. 20 WEEKS. I could have bought massive box fulls for a fraction of the price than the smaller packs we’ve been buying. I will remember this.


This guy still has no teeth, but that won’t stop him munching on food now will it?! We started off with some purées at around 5 and a half months, simple ones like single fruits and vegetables. He now has more mixed purées and totally prefers the sweet to the savoury (who wouldn’t?!). He is also enjoying diving into the world of baby led weaning, chomping on carrot sticks, cucumbers, orange segments, watermelon chunks and whatever else you want to throw at him. He’ll give anything a nibble and will quickly tell you if he doesn’t like it. The two big no-no’s from Theodore are peas and broccoli (bummed about broccoli because I love it!). One thing he loves but can’t have are strawberries, as we’ve found out he’s allergic. He should hopefully grow out of that though.

Watch out, Theodore is on the move. Scooting backwards is his go-to, and he’s really starting to perfect it. Worryingly he’s found his knees, meaning crawling won’t be too far behind. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll give us enough time to move house before he gets that one in the bag, because I think that might be a total nightmare in itself. As well as getting up on his knees he can get up on to his toes and hands (watch a video here), he loves doing this and he’s definitely starting to gain the balance he needs this way.


People are constantly telling me what a wonderful happy little chap I have, and I believe every word of it. He is rarely grumpy, and if he is it’s usually because he’s hungry. But that’s noting a quick feed or bouncing sesh couldn’t fix. Bouncing is probably his favourite thing to do, it always has been and I think it will be until the day he can stand himself. He will kick your stomach constantly (I like to think of it as a little ab work out), but at least I have my little mum tum to soften the blow *cries*. Currently his favourite songs are Row your Boat, Wind the Bobbin Up and Wheels on the Bus, basically any songs with movements and actions he is IN for. We still go to our baby class every Thursday like started doing when he was 7 weeks old! He’s now 28 weeks old and I cannot believe how much hes progressed in these groups, he is certainly not the little squirmy baby he once was there. He loves the groups, and so do I, I literally plan my week around his Thursday group and his Wednesday swimming. Want to see me on a Wednesday or Thursday? No can do, busy, soz. At swimming he is also starting to kick his legs along whilst I hold him up. Theodore has two aims whilst he’s swimming, 1; follow all the floating balls 2; eat Archie.

We’ve now got to a stage with Theodore where we are SO excited about the future with him (now we’ve realised there is no going back to cute little newborn) and everything we’re going to do as our little family of three. The trips to the park, kicking a ball around and perhaps going away together.


  1. July 9, 2018 / 7:33 am

    Ah what a beautiful post! Be lovely to read back upon one day.

  2. July 9, 2018 / 9:14 am

    I love this so much. Theordore and Molly are so similar <3

  3. July 12, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    He is so gorgeous! And he is really coming along so well isn’t he!! Tyler’s weight didn’t go uphill as he should have for his birth weight because of his reflux too, it’s such a worry isn’t it! But it’s clear that Theodore is a very healthy and happy little chappy! x

  4. July 18, 2018 / 11:34 am

    He’s a natural born model! Time flew so fast!

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