• Master Bedroom Reveal Caitylis 30
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    Master Bedroom Reveal

    The last room in the house. Finished. How we turned a whole STATE of a house into this beautiful building we’ve called home in under a year I don’t know (actually I do know, A LOT of hard work and…

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    Sprucing up Your Home with Desenio

    We’ve been renovating our home for around 11 months now, and we’ve just got to what I personally think is the exciting part… Decorating! Picking all the colour schemes and the decorative pieces is my forte. I’ve been waiting a…

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    The Ultimate List of Online Home Stores

    You know sometimes you just want to shop? (no? just me?!) You’ve got your laptop open but you’re not even sure where you want to shop? So you end up googling ‘good fashion shops’, ‘homeware shops’ and ‘baby clothes shops’.…

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    DIY Home Number Plaque

    I’ve been so excited about moving into our new home I’ve been preparing a whole tonne of things before we make the move. Including buying all new decorative items to eventually make our new home look pretty once we’ve finished…