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Theodore at 9 Months


My little tiny baby has now been earth-side longer than he was inside. He’s been here longer than I was pregnant with him. How did pregnancy drag so slowly but these 9 months have gone by like a whistle. All […]


Theodore at 7 Months


Yet again, another month soon shoots by. We’ve hit lots of milestones in this short space of time. Theodore has definitely flipped a switch and become a different person in the matter of weeks. I’m still trying to wrap my […]

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Theodore at 6 Months


Half a year. Well that happened quickly. Where is our new tiny newborn gone?! Suddenly we’re half way too his first birthday and I’m not feeling too okay about that. We are now closer to a year old than a […]


Theodore at 5 months


Another month slips through my fingers. I think I’ve finally come to the realisation that time won’t slow down, the realisation that my baby will just get older and older no matter how much I wish time would just pause […]


Theodore at 4 months


It’s safe to say that this is currently my favourite age so far. He can’t possibly get any better?! He’s become this proper little boy, with such character and bundles of love to give. He’s happy alllllllll¬†the time, and loves […]