3 Ways to Adopt A Stress-Free Home Maintenance Schedule


Managing a home can be challenging and create stress, but it’s not impossible. It takes a great deal of organisation, scheduling, and a strict cleaning routine to get your home maintenance up to your desired standards. That can undoubtedly increase stress levels and make you feel as though the tasks are insurmountable. Already, 40% of homeowners say maintenance can be overwhelming and wish they could handle things better. Other homeowners prefer spring cleaning only. These tips focus on things you can do to eliminate the stress element from your home maintenance activities.

Create a comprehensive checklist

A comprehensive checklist outlines all the necessary tasks needed to be done to keep your home maintenance activities problem-free. It is one of the most effective ways to maintain a routine that allows you to handle things at your own pace without having to rush through activities. A noteworthy point about a comprehensive checklist is the opportunity it provides to break down tasks into categories and timelines. For example, the checklist can be further broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal tasks to ensure every home maintenance area is properly covered. Daily tasks like doing the dishes, making the bed, and quick cleaning of your kitchen countertop take only a few minutes to complete. A weekly checklist can, however include vacuuming, mopping floors, and a deep clean of bathrooms. Your monthly checklist will usually include more detailed home maintenance activities that you don’t have the time to do daily or weekly.

Last but not least, the type of season will determine what must be taken care of. For instance, with winter around the corner, you can check your home’s heating system to ensure efficient performance when needed the most. By spreading out these tasks, you can reduce the stress usually associated with home maintenance.

Outsource cleaning services

One reason most people find home maintenance stressful is the time-consuming nature of it. Imagine having to clean each room, change the bedding, dust, move on to the kitchen to continue cleaning, and so on. The size of the house also determines how long it will take to clean everything from top to bottom. Fortunately, you can alleviate this burden by outsourcing this task to a professional cleaning business. These professionals go beyond routine housecleaning to perform more specialised maintenance tasks like window washing, power washing your garage or outdoor area, and so on. It takes knowledge and skill to handle different types of stains, which is why you need a professional cleaning service to take care of them. Moreover, by delegating these cleaning responsibilities, you can have free time to do something else or rest after a particularly stressful week. Admittedly, this is an added expense, but it’s worth taking the risk because your house will be professionally cleaned and significantly eliminate the stress you would have experienced.


Implement preventive maintenance strategies

One key component of a stress-free home maintenance schedule is adopting preventive strategies. This involves regular inspections and identifying problems in their early stages before they become major issues. You can start by developing a preventive maintenance calendar that reminds you to carry out certain measures to help you be on top of issues at home. For instance, make it a point to call a licensed plumber to check your home’s plumbing system before an issue crops up. It would help if you did the same with the electrician, roof inspector, and other home maintenance professionals. Doing this helps you stick to your monthly budget as closely as possible without paying for unplanned home maintenance expenses. Unexpected maintenance emergencies can take a chunk of your budget, but you can avoid that by taking preventive measures.

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