5 Tips to Make Your Conservatory Last Longer


There are a few things you can do to make your conservatory last longer. Being an extension, it helps to treat it as you would any other room. This means keeping it clean and tidy like your home. But providing better energy efficiency can also help. So, here are some suggestions.

Always Keep an Eye on the Roof

Like your home, the roof of a conservatory is vital. A healthy roof can help prevent all kinds of issues, not least leakage from the rain. A conservatory is made to last between 20 and 50 years, depending on its material and how well you maintain it. Some materials, for the roof, such as polycarbonate guttering from  Clear Amber Shop, can help give your conservatory a new lease of life and minimise leakage. But of course, you need to clean this just like your house’s guttering.

Keep it Clean and Tidy, Of Course

It can be all to easy to treat a conservatory as a second storage room when the novelty wears off, and you may even use it as something of a garden shed. When you do this, you are much more likely to neglect it, and any minor issues can become major ones. Like any other part of your home, keeping a conservatory clean and tidy is essential, maybe more so given its exposure to wind, rain, and more sunlight. These can promote mould and encourage pests.

Make Your Conservatory Last with Framework Maintenance

A conservatory isn’t built in the same way as a standard home or extension and relies on a frame for support. Because of this, your conservatory is only as good as the framework, much like doing house repairs. Therefore, framework maintenance is vital for making it last longer. Most are made from uPVC, and fortunately, this is very easy to look after. uPVC is made to last and only requires weekly to monthly cleaning using warm soapy water and a sponge.

Provide Better Energy Efficiency

Conservatories are made to keep the warmth in, which is why they are also known as sunrooms. This is mostly because of the double-glazed windows all around the structure, but they also rely on insulation, like your home. Any loss of heat could indicate that the insulation is failing or your windows need replacing. Making these repairs as and when they are necessary will ensure the costs are kept to a minimum and that your conservatory lasts as long as needed.

Consider the Age of the Structure

A conservatory is generally made to last, and depending on the quality, this could be up to 50 years. However, not all are made equally, and the approach to building conservatories has changed over the years. For example, they were once made with single-glazed panes, then double and today, most are made with triple. There are also other materials that are used, and some have a brick base. All of these must be considered, and it may be time to replace it.

Keeping the roof and guttering clean will help your conservatory last longer. It also helps to keep the framework in good condition. And it may even be time to replace your older structure.


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