Preparing Your Garden for Your Next Barbecue


If the weather is nice and your evening is free, there’s nothing better than a barbecue with friends and family. Some people take advantage of the sun for as much as they can while it’s there, grilling something tasty on weekends and weekdays alike.

Unfortunately, the best things in life often come hand-in-hand with some prep work. In this case, you want to make sure that your garden is perfect for cooking and eating food outside. 

You don’t need to completely transform your garden before you can start playing around with the grill, but you may need to do some work.

Create a Patio Area

When cooking and eating outside, you need to make sure that you have a flat, fireproof area. Wooden decking is lovely, but you don’t want to be playing around with hot coats and dry wood. If you aren’t careful, you can lose your decking entirely.

Another option is to grill your food on a patio or paved area. Even concrete makes an appropriate base for your barbecue, although it’s not as pretty as some of the other options. 

As well as a fireproof place for your grill, you need a flat space for your garden furniture. This is where your decking can come in handy. 

Just because you’re eating outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be civilised. Set up an eating area with a table, chairs, and outdoor lighting so you can stay outside later in the evening. Garden awnings can provide shady areas so everyone can stay comfortable and cool outside. 

Invest in a Barbecue

You can’t have a barbecue without, well, a barbecue. While you can buy an instant grill at the supermarket, they aren’t the same as a proper barbecue. An instant grill typically lasts for less than an hour and is only really good for sausages and burgers on the move.

The traditional barbecue option is the charcoal grill. You can get different shapes of grills, each with its pros and cons. But no matter what you choose, you will still have to manage the temperature and the charcoal to make sure your food is cooking evenly.

Another option for those who prefer a slightly easier life is a gas grill. Most people use a separate gas canister to fuel their grill and enjoy more control over the temperature and a cleaner fire. There isn’t a right or wrong barbecue option, it depends on what kind of experience you want.

Experiment With Food and Drink

We can’t talk about barbecue without thinking about what to eat and drink. No barbecue would be complete without the classic sausage and burger combo, but it’s worth experimenting with other options. 

Fish works wonderfully on the grill, and you can play around with other meats and marinades to come up with a more well-rounded meal. While most barbecues are all about the meat, don’t neglect tasty veggie options like salads and corn on the cob.

Finally, provide cooling, refreshing drinks. A cocktail pitcher is a great option for adults, while those who prefer not to imbibe and children can have mocktails or soft drinks. 


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