How To Use Light In Your New Home

Light In Your Home

When you buy and move into a new home, you first need to transform it into something that suits you and your family. The big jobs typically take priority and for a good reason. But once you have completed any needed refurbishments and repairs, you can finally start making your house a home.

This is where you can focus on other details to make your home look and feel exactly as you want it to. There are many different ways to do this, but this post will focus on how light can transform your home. 

Controlling the Brightness

First, you need to examine the different ways that lighting can impact your home. Your lighting needs can change depending on what you use your room for. If you need to work, then a brighter space is always better.

A bright kitchen makes it easier to see while you’re cooking, while a bathroom with good lighting is a must when you’re trying to apply makeup. If you work from home, then make sure that your office is bright, as this encourages productivity.

On the other hand, you might prefer the lighting to be dimmer and more relaxing in your living room and bedrooms, as this is where you want to relax. Dimmer lights and the more high-tech smart lights allow you to control the brightness in your room, which is great if you work from your bedroom or living room.

Adding Natural Light

Natural light is by far the best source of light in your home. It’s flattering, kind to the eyes, and even good for your mental health. You can add and control the natural light in your home with large windows, blinds, and curtains.

Another way to spread natural light through your home is with the smart use of mirrors. Mirrors are practical, but they can also decorate your home and change how the lighting works. Mirrors reflect light as well as objects, so they can make your house feel larger and brighter. 

Decorative Lighting 

As well as the lightbulbs themselves, you also need to consider the light shades and how they match the rest of your home. Light shades can be unobtrusive and designed to blend into any room, but they can also be a signature decorative piece in their own right.

For example, these pendant wall lights add a touch of class to any room, and you can find lightbulbs that can fit any design. With the right lights, you can fully transform any room into whatever style you like and truly put your stamp on your home.

Smart Lighting

Another way to personalise your lighting options is to use smart lighting. The simplest option allows you to control and dim your lights using your voice or phone, but you can also get lightbulbs that change colour.

Colour-changing light bulbs is more than just a novelty, you can use them to enact even better control over how bright your lights are. They can also set the mood, making them perfect for movie nights. 

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