Why Hygge Is So Much More Than A Simple Trend

Hygge Home

Hygge was once just a curious Scandi trend. Today, though, it’s something practically everyone including in their homes, even if they don’t go the whole hog. 

But what is it about hygge that’s so appealing? And how do you add it to your interiors?

Let’s take a look. 

What Makes Hygge So Much More Than Just A Trend? 

Fundamentally, it comes down to what the philosophy behind hygge means. It is not just a simple trend, but a way of living that can bring joy and happiness to your everyday life. It’s a bit like a western version of feng shui, discovered independently by the peoples of northern Europe, thousands of miles from China. It’s particularly beneficial during the cold and dark winter months.

The nice thing about hygge is that you can experience it in different ways. While soft furnishings are important, they are not the only way to do it. Many homeowners, for instance, decorate their properties with mood lighting and other adornments to create a cosier atmosphere. 

How Do You Create A Hygge Interior? 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make your interiors more hygge and less clinical. 


Add More Natural Materials

A fundamental tenet of hygge is being close to nature and appreciating its beauty and the benefits it brings. Therefore, use as many natural materials as you can. Wood, wool, cotton, linen, and leather can bring warmth while also satisfying your sustainability requirements (if you get them from the right sources). These materials also have a calming effect on your mood and help you feel more grounded.

You can add natural materials in many ways, such as installing wooden furniture and accessories. You can also try layering your sofa or bed with soft blankets and pillows made from wool or cotton. This helps to make them feel more welcoming and substantial. 

Another option is to experiment with your drapes. Choose curtains made from natural fibers like linen or jute.

Make Your Flooring Cozy And Welcoming

The next step is to make your flooring as cosy and welcoming as you can. Choose luxury high end rugs with a thick weave that feels soft and luxurious underfoot. If you use carpet, make sure you choose a thicker carpet and add rugs on top for extra warmth. Always pair wooden floors with some sort of fabric topping, particularly in high thoroughfare areas. 

Add Nooks

Cosy nooks are a great way to add hygge to your interiors. They’re somewhere you can curl up with a book or drink a cup of tea. They are a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some quiet time, usually by yourself. 

Cosy nooks are easy to create. Just find alcoves in your home you’re not using and add cushions, blankets, rugs, or bean bags to make them comfortable and inviting. Add a reading light or a bookcase to the area and you have the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon.

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