Tips To Save Money On A Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation
Doing a bathroom renovation is something of a necessity when it comes to your home. They’re one of the areas of the home that sadly get themselves into a bit of wear and tear over the years.

Making sure you check in with your bathroom’s appearance every few years is important in order to keep up the maintenance it requires. After ten years or so, you may wish to consider a renovation of some degree, depending on how much aging has occurred. 

However, not everyone has endless funds to spend on their home. With that being said, here are a few tips to save money on a new bathroom renovation.

Consider keeping what’s still in good condition

There will likely be appliances and features or fixtures that are still in good condition and therefore don’t need to be pulled apart. Perhaps the grouting in between the tiling has become yellowed or chipped off. That doesn’t mean the tiles are dated and it might be worth regrouting and painting the tails if you want to save some money.

Having to replace fixtures that are perfectly fine is a waste of money and it’s something that you’ll want to avoid when money is limited.

Take a look at what’s in good condition so that you only replace the furniture or appliances that are needed. Otherwise, you’re just spending money on fixtures and fittings that didn’t need to be replaced in the first place!

Get professional bathroom fitters in

If you want to save the hassle and stress of having to sort out the bathroom renovation itself, then bathroom fitters are in great supply. Of course, if you’re able to do a lot of it yourself, then you’ll certainly save yourself some money.

However, it’s often the case that not everyone has the DIY experience to take on such a mammoth project, especially if plumbing and electrics are involved. Having a professional team come in to fit all your bathroom parts is very helpful.

Add flexible storage

While you may need more storage in your bathroom, that doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds or thousands on state-of-the-art storage appliances. Instead, try to be creative with your storage options, opting for basic shelving and storage options that can fit easily within your shower or bath space.

Look for flexible storage options that aren’t too costly but will provide a home for all of your necessary lotions and potions.

Don’t tile the whole bathroom

While it may feel normal to do so, you don’t need to tile your whole bathroom from floor to ceiling. Instead, you should just tile the areas where there’s a significant amount of splashback. These are areas like your showers, behind your toilet, and sink.

Other than that, you can simply get away with painting the walls and using suitable flooring for the floors.

Shop around for bargains

Finally, be sure to shop around for bargains, particularly when it comes to your bath mats and other soft furnishings. You don’t need to spend a fortune on these.

Saving money on a new bathroom renovation is doable, so make sure to use these tips for your own benefit.

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