A Simple Apparel & Self-Care Guide For Photographers

Guide for Photographers

If you’re at all interested in photography, you’re probably interested in capturing the outside world to some degree. Sure, some photographers spend their time in their cushy studio photographing people and products, but that’s rarely where it ends.

Photographers, in order to capture great imagery, tend to find themselves heading out and exploring the world to some degree. No matter if that means shooting models at the local fashion show or documenting an event, or spending all night in a field trying to capture the perfect panoramic image of the night sky, you need to prepare for movement, travel, and patience.

As such, you need to think about how to prepare your day, what to wear, and how to practice self-care in kind. Luckily, we hope our guide can help you achieve exactly that. With the following advice, you’re sure to benefit in the best way. Without further ado – please consider some of the following advice:

Face Protection & Creams

When you’re out in the elements, be that in the midst of a hot climate or bracing fast winds, it’s important to make sure your skin is protected. Helpful face serum can be a good way to begin, as can bringing chapstick for chapped lips. In some cases, wearing a face covering like a light scarf can help you avoid drying your skin out, causing other conditions you may have like eczema. A helpful exfoliation and lotion regime can make a big difference too, meaning you don’t have to be punished just for heading out to capture some wonderful exterior snaps.

Warm, Practical Clothing With Storage Pockets

It’s good to keep some warm and practical clothing to hand so you can easily work on your camera, fit lenses, and carry accessories without worrying about being padded and protected. The last thing you need is to catch pneumonia in the freezing cold because you’ve spent all night shooting the stars. Warm clothing also includes thermal coats and rain jackets so you can retain your body heat if the weather turns. Of course, you can play up the photographer angle here, with cool scarfs, thin gloves that let you handle your SLR with further grip, and strong straps you can use to keep it attached to your neck.

Strong, Comfortable Footwear

The best investment you can make is in great footwear, those that are stable, with solid grip, and can hug your ankle appropriately so if you trip a little, you’re not liable to sprain your joint. Strong comfortable footwear can also help you relax more easily, access more places to shoot from (such as not worrying about slightly wet hiking boots when enjoying nature photography), and can also prevent picking up an injury. Remember that photographers also carry a good deal of equipment, or they can, meaning that you need something which will support you as you move from place to place.

With this advice, you’re sure to thrive with a careful self-care guide for photographers.

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