How to Design a Bathroom That You Can Be Proud Of

Bathroom Design

Your bathroom is an integral part of your morning routine and, for many busy mothers, can become something of a sanctuary. While the bathroom design should be practical first and foremost, it’s where your family keeps themselves clean and gets ready for the day, it can also be a luxurious haven.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to take your bathroom for granted and neglect it, even as you renovate or decorate other parts of your house. However, it’s more than worth putting the effort in to make your bathroom a room that you can be proud to show off and that you can relax in.

Paint or Wallpaper

The quickest way to put a stamp of personality into any room is to change the colour of the walls. The wall colour is the first thing that anyone will notice. Many bathrooms have tiled walls. True, changing the tiling out will rejuvenate the room and might be necessary during a refurbishment, but you can also freshen up the room by changing the other, non-tiled walls. This is often the quicker and easier option. 

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the bathroom. Even better, it’s a job that you can do yourself. Your bathroom is quite a hostile environment for some paints, as it gets very warm and humid in there. This means that you may need to repaint the walls more often or use water-resistant paint that can handle the humidity.

Another option for bathrooms is to use wallpaper. A highly patterned wallpaper on a feature wall can provide a dramatic and interesting contrast to the rest of the room, bringing bags of personality with it. However, you should also consider the humidity when applying wallpaper. Wallpaper can be even more sensitive to moisture than paint, so look out for peeling wallpaper.

Bathroom Furniture

Every bathroom at least consists of a toilet, a sink, and either a shower, a bath, or both. However, that isn’t all that you’ll find in your bathroom. You will also have storage options to keep your bathroom supplies in.

While you might choose to use your sink as a handy repository for all of your bathroom supplies, this arrangement can get untidy very quickly. Even worse, it’s also unhygienic, and it’s easy to knock everything over while getting ready. This is by no means a relaxing and luxury bathroom experience.

Instead, keep your supplies neatly tucked away somewhere that’s easy to access. If it’s close by, then you’re less likely to be tempted to store everything on the countertop out of convenience. However, because it’s tucked away, it’s much easier to keep your bathroom clean.

Another common piece of bathroom furniture is the bathroom mirror. While the mirror should be functional above all else, the mirror is yet another opportunity to put your stamp on your bathroom. Turn your mirror into a signature piece that draws the eye, so that you can provide that hotel experience at home.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Accessories and Decorations

As well as the furniture, you should also have other bathroom accessories. The most common of these will be the bath mat and hand towels. These are practical, keeping your floors and hands dry respectively. 

However, with a little bit of thought, they can become integral parts of your bathroom look. First, always go for an anti slip bath mat, as it’s far safer than the alternative and prevents needless slips and falls. Slipping in the bathroom can result in a nasty injury, and it’s often simple enough to prevent.

You should also consider choosing a bath mat and towels that complement the rest of your bathroom colour scheme. A contrasting colour also works well for a sudden pop of colour, especially if you have an otherwise clean and contemporary look. Every little thing will add another reason to be proud of your bathroom.

You should also decorate your bathroom as with any other room. Wall hangings are a great idea, as long as you factor in the humidity of your bathroom. Small ornaments also add little touches of personality and can bring a room together.

Finally, bathroom plants are a great option to create that spa-like luxury feeling in your bathroom. Choose plants that appreciate warm, humid environments that don’t get more natural light. This way, your plants will thrive in your bathroom. Some plants can even be put in the shower, so you barely have to worry about caring for them. It’s a little bit of effort for a big reward.

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