The Importance of the Kitchen in Your Morning Routine

A morning routine can help set you up for the day. A healthy routine ensures you can start the day feeling energised and refreshed. We’ve all been guilty of snoozing the alarm clock a few more times as we scroll through social media platforms in bed. The trouble is that, while staying a little linger in bed to check Instagram and Facebook might sound appealing, it actually adds more stress to your day. 

You need a healthy routine that can prepare you for a successful and meaningful day. So how does your kitchen affect your morning routine?

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It’s where you have your first meal of the day

A large number of adults tend to skip breakfast. However, starting the day without having breakfast can significantly slow you down. First of all, it affects your metabolism. A slow metabolism makes you feel sluggish and groggy. Besides, if you are trying to lose weight, your metabolism controls how many calories your body needs to burn for energy. People with a sluggish metabolism struggle to lose weight. One of the best and most effective ways of supporting your metabolism is to ensure you eat enough during the day. So, no more skipping breakfast! 


It’s where you and your family get together

Your kitchen is more than a room where you cook. It is a living space where your family sits together before starting the day. It is worth considering remodelling an old kitchen space to create a bespoke room that works for your home and your family. If you are looking for inspiration and guidance, it can be a good idea to check your local kitchen centres, such as KBB East Anglia, to discuss what can be done to improve your kitchen. Sharing a moment together as a family at the start of the day helps you feel centred. 

morning routine caitylis

It inspires your eating habits

Nutritionists recommend starting the day with a healthy homemade smoothie or a protein-rich cooked breakfast. Unfortunately, most households prefer starting the day with boxed cereals. Why are cereals so popular? More often than not, it boils down to two reasons: they are convenient, and they are addictive. Indeed, the traditional bowl of cereals may be the preferred British breakfast, but it is often high in sugar and fat. These can slow your metabolism down and make you feel tired in the long term. But, keeping your kitchen pantry stored with healthy ingredients can help you transform your habits. For a start, you’ll be pleased to know that keeping at arm’s reach means that it takes just as long to crack an egg as it does to open a box of cereals. No more excuse to be lazy!

Another great way to naturally encourage healthy eating is to use your kitchen as a display. A bowl of fresh fruit can get you into the habit of starting the day with a piece of banana or orange. Similarly, growing kitchen herbs also tricks your senses, making you crave natural flavours. 

Are you ready to build a morning routine that packs health and energy? Make sure to bring your kitchen up to the challenge! A healthy kitchen means a healthy family. 

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