Keeping Young Children in Mind when Renovating

Children While Renovating

Renovating is a necessary part of owning a home since nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, the time comes when you need to install a new kitchen, plumb a bathroom or make a new living space. But with all the jobs you need to do, keeping young children in mind when renovating might slip far down your list. But these jobs can be dangerous to the little ones, so watch out!

Professional Flooring

A new floor can be the pride of a home. Natural wood, laminate and carpets look fantastic when installed properly. But it’s possible your contractors aren’t safety aware or might even rush a job. In the UK alone, almost 3 million people per year fall at home. When not laid down correctly, a lousy flooring job poses many risks to the kids. Hiring trusted carpenters ensures wood chips and loose timber doesn’t endanger your child’s safety. Additionally, professional carpet fitters will fit a roll flush against the walls with no way for anyone to trip over a poorly-secured edge. 

Airborne Hazards

With all the work that goes on when decorating a home, airborne contaminants cloud the air. Although you cannot see it, things like paint fumes and wood dust are all over your home when renovating. Reputable contractors usually bring dust extraction systems with them. But you can switch on your HVAC as well to circulate some clean air around your home. You will probably be living at your home as work is completed. You can further protect your children’s lungs with plastic coverings across door frames to reduce how far dust and other hazards will travel.

Child-Safe Materials

As a parent, you are probably aware of the many child-proofing devices you can install. Examples are covers for electrical outlets, toilet seat clamps, and drawer locks. But there are other concerns you should be aware of. For example, when renovating a playroom, you should install furniture with rounded edges, anti-topple devices, and firm fittings. Additionally, the type of paint you use in your home can be toxic to children. Especially toddlers who like to chew on everything. Paint free from volatile organic compounds (VOC) is best used where you can.

Keep a Safe Distance

Making a safe space when renovating is essential. You can block dust and airborne contaminants with plastic sheets, but they may not stop wandering children. Keep a close eye on the kids when your home is undergoing work. There are many dangerous tools and equipment that could have tragic consequences. A good tip is to cordon off hazardous areas with baby gates and doors you can lock. Try to all-but seal off access to dangerous places to the little ones. You can significantly reduce the chances of a terrible incident with simple planning.

Take the Opportunity to Educate

It is helpful to explain everything to your kids before a renovation. When kids know about potential dangers, they can figure out what’s happening around the house and why things are different. Then they can help themselves to stay safe. Explain to your kids about extreme hazards like electrical outlets, tools and coverings. You should also make sure they know where the gates and fences they can use are placed. This will give them confidence during the renovation while keeping them away from anything that might cause harm.


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