How to Maximise Your House Sale Price

From the moment you decide that you want to sell your home and move, you need to make some intelligent decisions about getting the best possible sale price for your home. Keep in mind that most estate agent photos look better when the house is decluttered and professionally cleaned and that these things should be a given. 

Selling your house for over market value is possible with a combination of the right estate agent and your efforts.  

House Sale Price

Energy Efficient

What could be better than buying a home that saves you money each year? Most new homes come with a range of energy-efficient options – and you’re competing with them. Anything that is in-built, like microwaves, white goods, and even the shower, should be upgraded to the highest energy-efficiency options you have available to you. You can go the extra mile here and ensure that your thermostat system is also a smart system. 

Nooks and Crannies 

You might not notice that awkward bit of wallpaper or paint on the stairs or the unfinished edges in the bedroom. But the buyer will be looking for every opportunity to reduce the price they pay. Anywhere in the home that looks a little worn out or worse for wear needs to be fixed up. A fresh coat of paint or a higher standard of finishes could be exactly what you need to see a higher value and asking price. 

Grab a notebook and pen and start writing down everything you will need to fix in those less than obvious places. 

Front Garden

Is it enticing and beautiful if you are lucky enough to have a front garden? Does it make you want to see what the rest of the house looks like? Often the curb appeal in photos can be the make or break if someone wants to check the rest of the information about the property. The first impression of your property, both in real life and in photos, will greatly impact how people feel about the property. 

Although you might not think that some rose bushes and a well-lit path will add much to the value, you’d be surprised. Estate agents will often talk about curb appeal. 


The finishes in your home can add a high level of interest. Often highly polished surfaces might feel like a lot of work for the new owners. However, high-quality brushed finishes have the same level of beauty and impact but often require less effort to keep them clean. It is also worth considering installing quartz, marble or other high impact and long-lasting materials in the kitchen. Changing the finishes within the home is one of the lower-cost items on the list that can lead to a significant increase in the interest and price of your home. 

Each change you make to your home will offer some contribution to the final price, and it can be worth making them slowly over time until you reach the optimal moment to sell. 

One of the first and most important steps in having a clean and decluttered home is the ultimate spring clean. Need some tips on where to start? Check out: Spring Cleaning Tips and Hacks – Caitylis

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