Reconnect With a Sense of Everyday Magic

Every Day Magic - Caitylis

For many of us, it seems like the magic of life fades away as we enter adulthood, and everything becomes focused on mundane chores and tasks like taking out the bins and paying the rent.

Even in spite of the fact that you might not love doing the dishes, though, there’s no reason why you should feel jaded. When all is said and done, the magic of everyday life is still there, waiting to be noticed, explored, and experienced by everyone and anyone. It’s just a matter of putting yourself in the right mindset, and doing the right activities to appreciate it.

If you want to reconnect with a sense of everyday magic, and to enjoy the corresponding boost in wellbeing, here are just a few things that you might want to try doing.

Make time to enjoy great stories on a daily basis

Great stories – in the form of things like great novels and great films – can reawaken us to a lot of the magic and beauty to be found in everyday life, as stories connect us with our more empathic and intuitive side – and show us the “inside” of things, instead of just the exterior.

When you read a novel, you are not learning facts about different individuals in a dry history book kind-of-a-way, as if they were just machines going through the motions. You are getting into the inner thoughts, emotions, dramas, adventures, highs, and lows of the characters you are reading about.

In fact, research has even clearly suggested that people who read novels develop higher levels of empathy than those who don’t.

Rediscovering and reconnecting with a sense of the magic of everyday life has a lot to do with connecting with the world in a deeper sense, in this way.

Great stories take us behind the apparently mundane exterior of things, to the magic beneath.

Do things each day that you find engaging and that involve you being proactive

If you find yourself going through the motions every day with regards to things like work, and spend a little – if any – time doing things that you actually find engaging, it’s hardly a surprise if you find yourself feeling jaded and frustrated.

By being proactive in everyday life, and doing at least one thing each day that you find interesting – and that you can invest your energy and attention in – you can rediscover and rekindle a lot of the enthusiasm that might be missing from your life at the moment, and that can help to remind us of just how fun life can be.

This might mean taking up a particular hobby, starting up a professional side venture, or a variety of other things – as long as you become active, and find what you’re doing engaging.

Mindfully return your attention to the present moment through soothing wellness practices

Soothing wellness practices, that might involve things like getting some beautiful candles for home use, and lighting them while doing a yoga routine, can really help to rekindle your appreciation of the present moment.

Each moment is alive and unique – and there’s always a lot more magic and power in the here and now than we recognise.

Mindfulness practices can help us to once more open our eyes to just how interesting and rich the present moment is.

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