4 Tips on DIY Home Moves

Tips on DIY Home Moves

Moving is a costly experience. There is a lot to pay for, such as the deposit, stamp duty, the first mortgage or rent payment, joining up with utility providers (and terminating existing accounts), and maybe even purchasing new furnishings or making repairs and renovations. So, if you can save money by not hiring a removals company, it could significantly help your budget, even if it does make moving day a little more difficult. If you do decide to go that way, here are some pointers to make the process go more smoothly.

One Room At A Time

If you start emptying your old home one room at a time, you won’t become confused, and nothing will be overlooked. Begin upstairs and work your way down. This will not only assist you with packing, but it will also benefit you when you reach your location because as you pull items out of the van, you will know precisely where they need to go. It eliminates the need to stack boxes in the hallway or outdoors since you don’t know where else to store them, which protects your belongings much better.

Use Good Moving Boxes

The kind of box you’ll use is one of the most significant factors to consider. Don’t simply use regular cardboard boxes since they’re too thin and fragile (even though they don’t feel it), and you don’t want to be lugging a box full of valuable decorations or your most delicate wine glasses only to have it come apart and everything within tumble to the ground. Find sturdy, durable boxes to safeguard your belongings – you may need to buy these, but you should be able to budget for them if you’re saving money by moving yourself. Remember to write on each box with a marker pen which room it belongs in (it’s even better if you write a brief description of what’s inside as well). 

Use Your Clothes

How many clothes do you own? When you start packing things all up, you’ll probably find you have a lot more than you think! This is an excellent opportunity to have a cleanout and donate some of your clothes to charity, or even toss them out altogether if they’re extremely old and worn. Only bring what you want; this will make things much simpler for you. You might even treat yourself to new bespoke wardrobes for your new bedroom when you have a sensible amount of clothes to put in it – plus, you’ll have saved a lot of money, so a treat is entirely possible. 

When packing your clothes, aim to reuse as much as possible. You can use the garments to pad out half-full boxes, and you can use these soft objects to protect breakables as well – you can even place glasses and decorations inside socks to keep them safe. 

Choose The Right Vehicle

After you’ve packed everything and are ready to depart, you’ll need a car to transport everything to your new location. That could be a trailer hitched to the rear of your vehicle or truck (you can use a roof rack for extra carry space), or you could rent a bigger van. The type and size of the vehicle will be determined by how much you have to move. Make sure you plan ahead of time so you don’t have to make several journeys. This is particularly true if you are moving a considerable distance away.

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