Easy Makeover Ideas For Your Bathroom

Bathroom Makeover

Everybody loves a bathroom upgrade. Homeowners, families and DIYers alike love to play around with the comfortable spaces they call home, adding their personal touch to rooms like kitchens and living rooms. However, there are some rooms in most homes that rarely receive the attention they deserve – bathrooms. Let’s take a look!

Here are five easy makeover ideas for your bathroom:

1. Countertops, Cabinets, Shelves and Drawers

The first step to giving your bathroom a facelift is to get organised. You can’t have a particular space if you’re going to clog it with junk from other areas in the house. If there’s a room where clutter doesn’t work, it’s the bathroom. 

Decide which cabinet or shelf will be home to what – perhaps create clear collections within these spaces. Secondly, add some drawers instead of keeping everything on shelves stacked high above your head – this allows easy access to smaller items and will keep everything organised. Visit Granite & Marble UK for stylish vanity countertops to give your bathroom that extra luxurious feel.

2. Unclutter your bathroom

Your bathroom is a place where you clean yourself, so it’s essential to have a minimal amount of clutter in there. There might be products in your cupboard right now that you haven’t touched in years – get rid of these! It’s also a good idea to wipe down your shelves, cabinets and drawers from time to time to get rid of dust that has gathered since the last cleaning session.

For storage space to look attractive, it needs only the essential items inside it – this way, people won’t even notice what you’re storing because they’ll be too busy admiring the rest of your bathroom.

3. Colourful features

Bathroom designs are often limited when it comes to colour because people tend to think about white tiles, bathtubs and countertops when they think about bathrooms. But what most people forget is that there’s a considerable amount of space that can be covered in paint or wallpaper – this gives homeowners endless possibilities when it comes to personalising their bathrooms. 

For instance, if you’re very fond of pink flowers, go ahead and paint all four walls with them. Or, if grey is your favourite colour, cover your bathroom with it. You can also create interesting patterns on the walls by painting diagonal lines (or even letters) on floor-to-ceiling tiles.

For a more minimalistic approach, paint everything white and complement the walls with a few colourful accessories ranging from towels to shower curtains.

4. Create a theme

Everyone has their unique style, which is best expressed through their clothing, makeup and home decor. When it comes to designing our dream bathroom, this uniqueness should shine right through- which means coming up with an overall design concept for this space should be pretty simple. 

Let your imagination run wild – think of something that brings joy into your life and then creates a theme around them. This is where those colourful wallpapers, tiles, and accessories come in handy because now they’re not just decorations; they help tell a story about you and add to your overall design.

5. More than just clean

Sometimes our bathrooms get a bit too much exposure to water, so making sure they stay clean is of the utmost importance. But while keeping things tidy is excellent on its own, you can also add subtle details which give off the impression that your bathroom has so much more to offer. This is where the theme you’ve created comes into play because those finishing touches will make your bathroom special!

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