Three Expert Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating parts of your home gives it a fresh look, a chance to implement new designs and increases its value- be it the living room, kitchen, or garden. Another area you should consider renovating is your bathroom. However, carrying out this project can be tricky as there are several elements to consider. So, are you considering renovating your bathroom? Then, here are three practical tips and strategies to make this project a success.

Improve bathroom floor and surfaces

The flooring and surfaces of your bathroom are essential. As this is an area of your home exposed to large volumes of water and moisture regularly, your floor and surfaces could become a major cause of slips and falls. Therefore, when renovating, it is vital to consider this. You should choose tiles with textured surfaces, matte finishes, or sand-containing glazes to add grip and prevent the areas from becoming dangerously slick. Small tiles with lots of grout lines are another option for adding traction to walls and floors. Using a cement backer board in showers or extruded polystyrene foam boards anywhere you’ll be tiling ensures a robust and long-lasting connection for the tiles.

You should also consider insulating your walls to allow for more privacy when using the bathroom. In addition to this, you also install moisture-resistant drywall or bathroom wall panels in complete bathrooms to minimise mould and mildew issues. However, what exactly are bathroom wall panels and where can they be used? Well, due to the easy installation process, bathroom wall panels have recently been a popular choice for those rebuilding and remodelling their home. They are modern alternatives to tiles that will ensure your bathroom has a fantastic look. 

Don’t forget about bathroom plumbing 

If you’re planning on remodelling your bathroom, it’s a good idea to think about how your plumbing will fit into the picture. During a bedroom renovation, it may be easier to move your bed without damaging other aspects of the room. This isn’t the case with bathroom renovations. Deciding to move your toilet or sink would mean incurring additional expenses. It could also affect your overall plumbing system, as the plumbing sections increase the scalability and value. Examining your plumbing while the covering materials are open and exposed saves you the time and effort of tearing them out

Pay attention to your bathroom lighting 

When homeowners are planning a bathroom renovation, they often overlook the importance of lighting. They frequently disregard the significance of bathroom illumination. Given the amount of time people spend in their bathrooms (which is significant), it is advisable to consider lighting up the space. Bathroom lighting, when done correctly, should make us feel good and prepared for the remainder of the day, as well as relax and wind down for the night. As a result, it’s critical to create the correct atmosphere with the proper lighting. You don’t want an old bathroom with outdated lighting, so think about all of your options for finishing your look, including accent lighting, vanity lighting, ambient lighting, and more.

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