The Essential Furniture That Every Nursery Needs

When it comes to designing a nursery for your baby, there are a few items that are essential nursery furniture that you’re absolutely going to need if you want to make it look fantastic and also be as functional as possible. In this post, we’ll be guiding you through some essential furniture pieces that we absolutely recommend that you include in your nursery.

The Crib or Cot

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture is going to be the crib or cot that your baby sleeps in. While many people might advocate for babies to sleep with their mothers or in a regular bed, having a cot is going to add safety, peace of mind, and also comfort for the baby. While this is an obvious piece of nursery furniture that you should include, don’t underestimate just how different the designs and brands can be. Pick something that is reputable and don’t forget to consider hand-me-downs if you’re looking to save money.

Wardrobe and Storage

It’s important to add storage to your nursery for important baby items. You can often add a chest of drawers and be done with it, but we’d suggest adding a few extra pieces so that you can prepare for when your child grows up. This includes shelves, a wardrobe, or even furniture that doubles as a storage compartment as well. These storage pieces are going to last a very long time and will stay there even when your child is all grown up. When you start thinking about upgrading to a toddler’s bedroom, you’ll be glad that you thought about adding extra storage for all of the eventual toys, games, and clothes that you’ll be buying for your child.

Nursing Chair

A nursing chair is something that you might consider if you want to spend a lot of time with your baby in their nursery. There are a number of luxury nursing chairs that you can purchase, but some people may consider just buying some kind of armchair as well. As long as it’s a big chair that offers a lot of comforts, it could be used as a nursing chair. The ability to rock back and forth is nice, but it’s not absolutely necessary especially if you’re looking for a chair that can serve an additional purpose as a regular chair once your child grows up.

Changing Table

Another essential piece of furniture is a changing table. This is an absolute must-buy these days and you can get really beautiful ones that can double as a chest of drawers, making it much more space-efficient and a long-term solution for a variety of things. If you don’t have much space in your nursery and want to maximise the room you have, then a changing table that doubles as a chest of drawers is a fantastic idea. Alternatively, you could get a smaller changing table or even a portable one that folds up if you’re lacking space. There are loads of options to choose from these days and they all come at different price points.

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